My first sock- I DID IT!

I have completed my first sock (and also my first knitting project EVER!) and I am soooooo proud of myself. I’m about 1/2 way through with the 2nd to finish out the pair.

My family has been none-too-impressed with my knitting- UNTIL NOW!!! I showed them my sock! My teenaged daughter was genuinely shocked and said, “Put it on! OMG, I want a pair!!” Hubby’s interest was directed to Civil War re-enacting socks and we even did some research together in books he has.

My family is now officially on board with my knitting!


Congratulations! After I gave my mom her first pair of hand knit socks, she requested a pair for every day of the week because they are so much more comfortable. Sounds like you’ll have a long request list soon, too.



woohoo Congratulations! Careful, sock knitting is addictive!! (but it’s SO MUCH FUN to be an addict… hmm)


:cheering:Yay you!

Good for you :yay::yay:. This is just the beginning :thumbsup:
Will you post a pic?

Congratulations! :woohoo: I just finished my first sock not long ago too! I know just how you feel! My family hasn’t been too impressed with my knitting too until they saw my completed sock and now I’m suddenly a knitting genius (to them)! :woot:

I hope to get a pic up here maybe today. Thanks for the encouragement!!

Well done! You must feel all proud now that your family are finally turned on and WANT your craft! :slight_smile:

Well done…This will be your 1st of many pairs of socks… Sock knitting really is addictive I should know since last year I have knitted around 20 pairs!!!

That’s awesome! Socks for your 1st project? I am mightily impressed!!


Here’s a pic of my first project!


VERY NICE! I really like the color too.:yay::yay::yay:

congratulationss!!! yeiii