My first sock hole! What do I do?

I made a pair of socks using silver’s online tutorial, cotton Sugar N Cream in worsted, and I’ve worn them so much that there’s a hole at the big toe!

Is this something I can fix easily? Do I just sew it up, or try to replicate the knitted stitches? It was tiny and then I wore them again and now the hole is about quarter-sized. Any suggestions? Any online videos that show you how to repair knit socks?

Sock darning:

For the future try to choose sock yarn with a little nylon, polymide or whatever they call it because it’s supposed to help make the fabric stronger. Knitting at a tighter gauge also helps. :thumbsup:

First thing to do is panic.

Now that you have that out of the way, I would just cut the toe off frog it back to a live row and reknit a new toe.

I wear out my toes too and that plan was a big draw for me knitting my wool socks. They may cost the same as store bought but I can fix them like new.

Heels are a different story. If I ever get a heel hole my plan is to cut it out and bind off so I can make a replaceable heel.
I’m not too fond of darning.

I just realized that actually fixing a hole would be much easier with crochet socks (which is good because I have a hole in my crochet slipper/socks).


Now that you have that out of the way, I would just cut the toe off frog it back to a live row and reknit a new toe.

That’s actually a good idea. Or if you are afraid to just cut then use a fine needle to find a destination row and then cut. :thumbsup:

I read in EZ’s knitters almanac (i think) that she has a way of knitting socks that can be resoled. At the time I was in way over my head with EZ’s genius but now it seems like a good idea.

Has anyone ever tried this or knit this sock??? As usual there wasn’t any real clear pattern for these socks, just some general rambling.

Adding to this, but is it possible to make the toes stronger? Like knitting with 2 strands? Or would that be too bulky?
My dh wears holes in the toes, and I can see me being in the same boat.

I saw a pattern (I think it was a pattern) online for knitting socks with replaceable heels. I don’t remember if it was a blog or what though.

i am fairly sure that in the Summer issue of there is ana article about mending holes in socks.

hiya grace,
hmmm, my solution to the problem would be to…:knitting: KNIT MORE SOX!!!:guyknitting: WOOHOOO!!! :slight_smile: :roflhard: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :whistle:

Now there’s yer prablem

That was EZ’s moccasin sock pattern in the Knitter’s Almanac. You could also do an afterthought heel (also EZ) in which you knit the sock like a tube. After you’re done, you rip out about half or three quarters of a row where you want the heel to be, pick up the stitches around and in her words knit another toe. When the heel wears out, repeat.

That woman was a genius. I’ve gotta try that sock!

You can break your yarn when you come to the heel, and then the toes, then reattach it and continue knitting. If and when you wear them out, it’s easy to frog and reknit them.

I think it’s also a good idea to use one smaller size needle for the heel, sole and toes of a sock.

During my childhood in Northern Ireland - this was in the seventies, not that long ago:) - I vividly recall my grandmother frogging worn-out feet (toes, heels, whatever) on pairs of socks, carefully protecting the still-good legs - always the prettiest, most decorative part - and simply picking up the appropriate number of stitches and re-knitting the foot.

Discarding an article of clothing that could so easily be mended was unthinkable to her:knitting:

Of course, she was of a generation that considered knitting and sewing practical skills and buying what could made at home “extravagant foolishness”!

Sorry, digressing. My point is that not only is it “doable”, it’s practical and relatively easy (just pay attention). And in the end, the holey socks were a lost cause anyway; why not give “repairing” them a shot?


To make toes and heels stronger, I like to use Lang’s Jawoll reinforcement thread. If you buy Jawoll sock yarn, there will be a liitle spool of it tucked inside the skein. You can find the yarn at Both yarnmarket and sell the reinforcement thread separately too.