My First Scarf Completed!

I finally finished my first mini-project:woohoo: . I figured this would be a good pattern to start with since it has both knits and purls and is designed to hide minor errors.

You did a GREAT job, looks real good! :yay:

Looks wonderful!!! Love the colors!!!

it looks great!:yay: .

It looks good, nice yarn pattern too.

Good job!

Very pretty. What yarn did you use? I do love the colors.

Lovely x

It’s great! Beautiful colors – what is the yarn?

Good work!

The yarn is just Red Heart Super Saver in Monet. I liked the colors and I didn’t want to spend a ton since I was just starting out. I am surprised how naturally the basics have come.

Thanks Everyone for the encouragement!!

:woot: It looks wonderful!!

Wow, you did a great job! I love the colors! Congrats on finishing your first project :thumbsup:

It does look good! Isn’t the feeling of binding off that first project wonderful?

What are you going to do next?

Looks good!

I love the colors too. Great job. :yay:

Very pretty.

Congrats!!! My first project was frogged about a 1000 times! LOL

Great job, it’s gorgeous!

I just tackled the Calorimetry from Knitty. Once I can get to the store to get a button that will be done. Now I think I may attempt to tackle a sock or two.

I frogged the scarf once, because I noticed I had made a hole at the beginning, but it was only a couple hours of work thankfully.