My First Pattern! PupPee (Boy Dog Diaper)

I’ve already been posting about this here on KH, thanks to Bmay33 for coming up with the perfect name for it.
:muah: It’s the PupPee (Boy Dog Diaper) and it’s up now free on Ravelry! or you can email me at for me to email you a copy of the PDF. EDIT…I am going to see if I can sell these for a reasonable price with 100% of benefits going to a puppymill rescue I work with…I may have mentioned this later in this post, but wanted to edit up top to make it clear to everyone.

It’s a diaper for a boy dog who marks his territory indoors, or for housetraining.

:yay: How cute - he doesn’t even look embarassed!

I only have female dogs, but that’s cute and a good idea. If it’s wide enough you could also use one of the self stick incontinent pads…they have them from liner size on up.

After posting my pattern it was favorited 18 times and 2 people cast on…and 2 others asked me for a girl diaper pattern so I’m starting work on it today.

You guys gave me so much encouragement that I’m going to see if I can make some money with my patterns. I’m working on the girl diaper pattern now.

Any of you who contacted me or posted here about it first can have it for free though.

Yay!! I’m glad you’re getting some response for it… its definitely a great idea, especially for shelters (hmm maybe charity knitters for local ASPCA chapters could use this?)

I forgot to mention, I’m donation 100% of the proceeds to the 501©3 puppymill rescue I work with ( Hubby’s wonderful idea!

I would definitely put that in the pattern page over on Ravelry!!!

i’m so happy for you. it’s great to help dogs with knitting. puppies rock

The PupPee for girls is now on Ravelry. If anyone’s interested in testing this, email me at for a pattern.

Also, I created the PupPee Power group on Ravelry.

PupPee for Boys in Crochet now avaialble on Ravelry or on my blog. :wink: