My first pair of mittens on my first set of DPNs

…and it is hard for me! I’m working on 4 bamboo size 6 DPNs and I just don’t know how y’all work around the other needles flipping every which way. Tell me I’ll get used to this - gimme the moral support I know only this board can.:muah:

You’ll find a way to work the extra needles. It takes some coordination at first to figure out what to do with them all, but after a while they just sort of hang there and you don’t even pay attention to them. I sometimes will hook the two unused needles with my pinkies, but more often than not I’m mostly unaware of them. You could always try Magic Loop as well. Keep at it. It’s a new skill and after you get used to the physicalness of it your hands will be more comfortable with this new task. Like any skill it takes time to get used to the new physical sensations.

you’ll get it :slight_smile:

what i do is the needle i just finished working the stitches onto on the right (say needle 1 is the first part of the round, 2 is the second, 3 is the last part for the sake of argument)… i take my 4th needle that i need to work the stitches onto and hold it underneath needle 2 that i’ve just finished with. one i get 3 or 4 stitches in, i lift needle 4 up over needle 2 so that i don’t have it constantly getting in my way.

I find after the first couple of rounds as the knitting stabilizes that it becomes automatic to place the working needle either over or under the previous needle as it feels comfortable. I find the best tip for me is to keep the stitches not being worked in the center of the needle so as you manuever around you are less likely to drop stitches.
Before long you’ll feel like an old pro at it.

i love knitting on 4 needles but have not done it in years