My First Needle Project!

This is the FIRST project I have knitted… with knitting needles! YAY! It’s incredibly warm and long… and soo soft. I love Wool-Ease Thick&Quick yarn- it went so quickly!

I decided to make a scarf that I could wear at work (Target) and since it’s the holidays, I could wear it then, too.

My only question- how do I get rid of these lines in my color blocks? Those drove me crazy, but I didn’t know how to get rid of them.

Pretty colors!!

You can’t get rid of them. When you change colors you will always have that on one side. If you changed colors on the same side each time you should have one side that doesn’t have that.

You can knit in the round making a tube and the color change will always be on the inside of the tube.

How cute is that! Congratulations :cheering: I can see your cat is impressed.

There is something called a jogless jog technique that hides the new color by covering it up with the old color… I don’t have a link but some of the MOD’s could possibly lead you to it>!! :cheering:

congrats on your first scarf!! it looks awesome on you. :cheering:

Beautiful bright winter colors! You did a great job and don’t worry about the color change rows. It is what it is! Try knitting with circs. It is easy, really it is and like the other poster said the color change is in the inside.

That’s how I learned to knit in the first place- All the other scarves I posted, even the afghan I made, was made by using a curcular loom. I’m currently using a rectangular loom for a poncho-type thing for a Christmas gift. I started making that scarf on a loom, but the ends started curling up… so I switched to needles and made it my first project. :smiley:

I’ll have to look into that jogging technique- thanks to SoapDoc for the link! :notworthy:

Congratulations on your first, it looks wonderful! I think kitty wants one too! :smiley:

actually, when you are doing stripes, you just knit the first row after you change colors. Even if that makes it not in pattern, you still knit it. That hides the color change. And it doesn’t make that much difference. I even knit across when I am doing ribbing and it doesn’t mess up the stitches.

Nice colors, by the way!