My First KAL!--Morse Code Hat

I’ve never participated in a KAL here and I was perusing while thinking up a good present for my friend Mark’s birthday. Bingo baby!

I knit this hat using the Basic Hat Recipe, which was so easy to follow. (I gotta say though, I even made a swatch to follow the recipe and the hat is too big and recommended ribbing too long…oh well).

I made him a pair of Cigar in the same colors for xmas…so winged the pattern on this hat to have coordinating stripe patterns. And then the January KAL Challenge element–Morse Code!–says “M A R K” on the front. Yay! This was fun.

Here’s a mirror pic of it on my head–so it says “K R A M” (heh) and then I tried to take a straight on pic to show the Morse Code.

So it’s: --(M) .-(A) .-.® -.-(K) <—and if that’s not right, don’t tell me! :rofl:

It looks great- and very cool w/ the morse code. I like it!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Great job!!!

Very cool!

Sweet! So creative with the morse code–my hubby would totally get a kick out of that!

That is so cool. Where did you find the morse code symbol chart?


Over on the KAL forum in the thread for the January Challenge–they posted a Morse Code chart for everyone. You can also just Google it and lots pop up.