My first hat!

I’m SUPER pumped about this… it’s only the second thing I’ve every finished and tbqh, I can’t belive how nice it turned out!!!

I used an amazing yarn that I just couldn’t put down (Malabrigo Worsted Merino), and of course the pattern was very simple. I don’t have a photo of the top yet since all the attempted self photographs of the top of my head failed, but I LOVE the decrease pattern :o)

I made it slightly smaller than the original pattern because the problem I have with every mens knitted cap is that it’s baggy. Now I don’t have to waste money at A&F on hats that don’t fit and/or are itchy, I can make my own for MUCH less money… and imo they’re WAY cuter.

Ignore my smug look… it’s late and I was just SO happy to finish it… in fact, I’m still wearing it!

It looks great!

Congratulations! :yay: It looks awesome! For winter you could make one another 1-1.5 inches to keep your ears warm and it still won’t be baggy because the top fits so nicely.

Great job! Congrats :yay:

Nice hat!

Wonderful!!! Congrats on your finshed HAT :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

Awesome job! :woohoo:

It looks great! Good job. Isn’t malabrigo like butter in your hands? I love it! :cheering:

It is! I actually couldn’t put it down… the hat was started Saturday evening and finished Sunday :o)


LOL - congrats!!! Your hat looks wonderful!! What’s next?

I actually started the easy drop stitch scarf pattern… but I was using pima cotton yarn and I’m not sure the pattern is going to be so great without blocking, so I’m thinking of casting on a ‘girly’ hat with it for a former student of mine who graduates this year. I also have a irish hiking scarf that needs to be finished (one more ball… but oh so boring), and a basketweave scarf for myself… but I’m kinda hating the color so I’m not sure what will actually become of it.

I should be finishing my first sock (well… really a mini christmas stocking) in the next couple minutes! Hands needed a break from the crappy yarn ;o)

My husband’s favorite hat is very much like yours!
You did a great job, and MALABRIGO! The best yarn
in the world!!!

Looks great! Hats are such good projects, all kinds of possibilities and quick results. I taught my DH to knit a couple years ago and he churned out over 20 hats one after another all his own ideas, one hat would inspire the next. Hats are the place to start IMO for making things without a pattern. Just go for it and experiment. Anything with a hole for your (or somebody’s) head is a hat. LOL