My first FO: Skinny scarf

This is supposed to be a “skinny sparkle scarf” but somewhere along the line it became a “skinny scarf that zig-zags and I don’t know whether I’m doing something wrong or if the pattern is just wrong” (It was from a $20 learn to knit-kit from B&N, that included a book, patterns, 4 balls of yarn, a set of needles and the ribbon–I think it was the pattern.) And I can’t sew, so I’m not about to sew the sequins on.

Anyway, I made a lot of mistakes in there that I know got forgotten, but overall, I’m fairly happy with how it came out. It’s hard to see the pattern in the cheap-o yarn from the kit. Maybe someday when I’m a better knitter I’ll go back and do this scarf again–the right way!

I think you did a wonderful job, that’s pretty unique! :cheering: :muah:

I love your zig-zag. It looks great! :thumbsup:
Is the picture on the pattern a zig-zag?

No! Perfectly straight. And thanks, I’m glad people like it.

The even rows all start with a sl 1, k1, psso and end with k into front and back of stitch. The odd rows are all straight knits.

Until row 12, which is knit across, 13 has the slip/increase, and 14 is knit.

After 14, you go back to row 6 (which has a yo for a pretty loop). But now all the “even” rows are really odds until you get to row 12 again.

I’m pretty sure that they messed up somewhere in the pattern.

I would post the whole thing here, but it technically is copyrighted because I bought it in a kit which is now unavailable–I’m not sure how that affects me being able to post it.

hahaha that is awesome!! well I love your scarf! :cheering: :cheering: I wish I knew how to do the zigzag thing :frowning:

I love it! I think that you did a great job on your 1st project, you should be proud :cheering:

Pretty! Congrats on finishing your first project :cheering:

I bet yours looks better than the one on the pattern – I like the zig-zag, it’s really cool looking!