My first felting project!

:happydance: Yeah! They actually look like clogs…I was getting worried! My DS is modeling the before felting :heart:

Nice! Isn’t it amazing how much stuff shrinks when felted! I gotta get that clog pattern!!

:inlove: Sooooo pretty!!!

Nice job… :heart: them :cheering: :cheering:

love the red!!! :heart: :heart:


I totally want to try one now! :smiley: Maybe I’ll start small since I lose interest easily! I’ll try a smaller slipper, say for my 2 yr old!

Your son looks so funny holding up the before slipper! He looks like he’s holding up “Big Foot’s” slipper! I love the before and after photos. It’s fun to see the contrast when it shrinks!

Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup: It looks awesome!

They look great! You look so pretty but your son doesn’t look to happy about modeling for us :roflhard:

So cute, Holly!! I can’t wait 'til I have time to make some of these for myself.

:rofling: My DS isn’t very happy about modeling – I made him pause the playstation :shock: – oh horror of horrors – to help me out!! Thanks for the compliments :smiley: It was a great first felting project, and I learned some new techniques while trying them out. A great thing about doing these slippers is that so many knitting help gurus are around to answer questions! The best advice I got was to trust the pattern. There were a few parts that I just didn’t understand from reading the pattern, but they made perfect sense as you were knitting them


Holly! They look GREAT!!! :cheering: