My First Ever

My First Ever… Set of Denise Interchangeable knitting needles, and my Knitpicks Options Deluxe interchangeables just arrived:woot: . Now I just have to find somethng to use them for. It’s a guy thing I suppose to be excited to have new toys, but I’m kinda nervous about using them. Being so new I’m finding it difficult finding a project I can sink my teeth into, while at the same time, not biting off more than I can chew:notworthy: . Anywho, if anyone knows any cool hoodie patterns, or easy sweaters that look pretty cool, just let me know and I’ll check them out. Peace. :knitting:
freebs :thumbsup:

You got both? I started with Denise, then got my Options and haven’t used the Denise since. :teehee:

I still think there are more size options with Denise…aren’t there…

Isn’t that just like a man??? :roll:


Just like a man, lol, if it were just like a man, I’d have knitted a warm protection blanket for my lathe when its not in use…speaking of which, that a mighty fine idea.:stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but it’s all in what you enjoy knitting with. At first I preferred the resin because I was a new knitter, but I found the thicker cord and the smallest size of 17 inches frustrating. I also felt like some yarns stuck to the cable and didn’t slide smoothly. I never noticed that with my Options. I LOVE my Options!:inlove:

a lathe sleeve would be a perfect project! You could do a whole lathe sweater infact! that would rewure different size needles, some small diameter tubey bits (Magic loop!!) shaping and some stitching together.

I have to make one! and since i dont already have a lathe, this s the perfect justification for buying one. (anting to do more woodwork is not enough, wanting to do would work and use it for knitting means it is multitasking and therefore cost efficient :slight_smile: )

Erm on a more serious note, i notice you have several small things in your possesion (some people cal them children i believe). Kids hoodies tend to be fairly simple and are a good way of making things but it not being to big a project. I am realy enjoying making a baby cardi for a friend, and it has let me use a few diferent cabled and needles which is nice.