My First Dye Attempt

I’m so thrilled! :woohoo:

My first dye attempt, and it’s working! I used blue koolaid, and microwaved the water, wool, and koolaid, for 7 minutes, and now I’m waiting for it to cool down.

It’s so PRETTY!!!

Any suggestions from all you pro dyers?

Beautiful! I need to try some dyeing…

It’s easy! I got the directions from a book titled Knit Grrl.

The yarn is all dry, now, so, I’m going to knit it with some bright reds.

Any pics of finished yarn?

Very pretty !!Great job .

I can take a couple. The yarn ball is real tiny, so far.
But, it’s a beautiful turquoise/caribbean blue! It looks brilliant next to
red yarns!!:mrgreen:

I can’t wait to see it!!