My first day...HELP!

Once I have cast on 20 stitches or so and am ready to begin knitting, what do I do with the leftover tail part? It seems to get in the way and I am stumped! Can anyone please help?

For the first few rows, you will probably have to be really conscious of the fact that it’s there and make sure you use the long end and not the short tail that’s left from casting on. After you get into it a few rows, you won’t even notice the tail.

Good luck!!


Thanks a lot! I watched most of the videos and I just couldn’t figure out what was happening to the tails. I’m now ready to try again!!!

Additionally, if you knit the tail in with the working yarn for 3-4 sts on that first row and then drop it, you wont have to weave in the end later! Thanks to Amy for that tip!