My first cable project! Yahoo!

I made this orange cable scarf for my mom, following the “Good Ole’ Cabled Scarf” pattern. She loved it because it’s just the right length for the neckline of her coat! :woot: I was surprised at how easy the cabling was, once I got the first few rows done. Amy’s great video on cabling was REALLY helpful. :hug:

Now I’m all excited to start my next cable project. :happydance: I’m going to do the Irish hiking scarf pattern in Lion Brand Wool-ease dark, sort of forest colored green. I’m looking foward to starting it, after I finish my box-stitch scarf with Lion Brand Homespun. (Can you tell how much I love Lion Brand yarn??) :drool:

:cheering: That is beautiful :cheering: That the brightest orange I’ve ever seen.

Amy’s video does make learning cable, or anything else for that matter, a snap. I too was amazed at how easy it was. Once you do the Irish Hiking Scarf, try the Besotted Scarf.

Nadja xxx

Love your scarf. What kind of yarn did you use and the color? I want to make my boys orange hunting hats and this would be the perfect color. Great job on the scarf.

Wow, they’ll see her coming from a mile away! :teehee: It really came out beautiful! The neat thing about cabling is that it looks hard and very impressive, but it’s so easy!

Thanks, guys, for the sweet comments!
Knitwit, about the yarn, I always tear the label right off when I get it :doh: , but I do remember that it was Caron, and I got it at Michaels, if that helps. :shrug: Also, it didn’t have a dye lot. And it was worsted weight. Hope that helps! :muah:

Thank you Nicole!!!

it’s beautiful! I’ve been wanting to learn how to cable…but I’m too scared to start… :oops: you did a wonderful job!

Great job! Isn’t cabling so much fun?

I love that scarf!! The pattern is great!

From your description it sounds like you maybe used caron’s simply soft (silky?) yarn. I used a cartload of that for scarves for xmas this year, very nice, cheap easy to use and soft yarn :cheering:

What a pretty pattern! Now, if you had a bit of royal blue in there, it would be perfect for Auburn games! :teehee:

I think a slightly different shading of orange and blue would be better! :teehee:

Gorgeous scarf. I am looking forward to trying cabling out myself.

Beautiful! Maybe when all my kids are in school, I’ll get to the cables LOL

I think it’s absolutely beautiful. :muah:

Give it a try. It’s much easier than it looks. I did my first cable project a few months ago, and I was surprised at how easy cabling is.

nicholeheather, your scarf is beautiful. She’ll wear it proudly! :cheering:

What a fun looking color and beautiful job on the cables!

Isn’t cabling the funnest thing ever? Your scarf is awsome, it reminds me of orange sherbert (yum… ice cream…)