My first Booga

I had seen so many pretty booga bags posted here that I decided to choose that for my first circular project. I just love seeing the pretty Noro colors, but since this was also my first felting attempt, I thought I better use a less expensive yarn to see how things went first!

Yarn: Patons classic red (if I ever use it again, I want to double strand and make the bag a little firmer in texture) - knit single strand it took about 1 skein.

Needles: 10.5 Boye interchangeable circular - I used Amy’s trick of removing the circular cord to do the i-cord on just the short needle stems- Thanks, Amy!!

After the felting, I just wanted to add something to this bag to give it some spice…so I used the “fabulous felted flowers” pattern available at the Patons website. You have to register with them to get the pattern but it is FREE!

I sewed the felted flower onto an empty pin backing (I recycled mine from an old pin that I didn’t want to wear anymore, but you can get pin backings at craft stores with holes in them for fastening). This way I can take the flower on and off to swap out with other pins I might want to put on the purse. I can also use my flower pin on other things if I want to later! :slight_smile:

I just love this version of booga! The flower is a delightful touch!! :inlove:

That looks great! Love the flower! :thumbsup:

That is beautiful! I just love the color. I like it better than the Noro stripes, to be honest, the flower makes it just beautiful!

How cute is that!!! I am so making that flower. Nice job :thumbsup:

I :heart: it! Thanks for telling us how you did the flower.

Oh thats gorgeous! Loving the colour :slight_smile:

Wow! That turned out just wonderful! Adorable flower!

The flower is such a fabulous touch!! Love this!!!

That is adorable–the flower is perfect, too! Love it! :inlove:

Absolutely GORGEOUS…I love it :cheering: :happydance:

Ok, ok that is the cutest Booga I have ever seen!

My mother gave me four balls of Patons Classic wool, in red, my favorite color! Just remember, immitation is the sincerest form of flattery. :oops:

That is SO cute! :smiley:

Looks great!! Love the flower! :inlove:

I love it! :heart: :heart:

I want one!! - one day…

I love the flower and the versatility!

I have so abused the booga bag my daughter knit for me. I really need to reshape it and give it a shave.

Mama Bear

very nice…makes me want to make another booga! :slight_smile:

Gee! :blush: Thanks, everybody. I really did have fun with this project. Pixy, you go girl. I’d be honored if you decided to go for a red booga… But, regardless of what you decide to do, I’d love to see what you turn out with the Patons you received. I am a new fan of this yarn.

Again, thanks, everyone. I appreciate the compliments

That is beautiful - and I love the detail of the flower - how creative to make it removable! :inlove:

The flower sure gives it an original touch! I love working with the Patons Classic. I used it as the MC for my Booger, and just made a felted coaster for my DHs desk out of another ball I had lying about.