My Ebay score

Got this lot for $30, shipping and everything!

Didn’t really need the straights, but the dpn’s, holders, circs and other gadgets add up to a whole lot more if bought retail. Being a newbie, I’ve been adding to my needle stash a little at a time. This was a great find.

Wow, great score! You’ll have a lot of fun sorting that out and dreaming of all the great projects you can make. Now you need a big score of yarn to cover all those new needles.

Heh…being an avid seamstress for 25 years, I recognized the early signs of yarn addiction. I already have a huge fabric stash, but learned to keep it under control mainly by NOT going into fabric stores. I stay out of trouble by buying incidentals (thread, zippers, interfacing) at department stores or in bulk via mail order.

I found myself just about salivating after my first visit to a LYS. Will have to avoid those places unless I actually intend to start a new project.

Well, okay I sort of broke my rule and hit Salvation Army for a few awesome sweaters to unravel. Three gorgeous sweaters that cost me under $10…buying similar new yarn would have set me back around a hundred bucks, at least.

Great haul! I think I need to add to my needle stash like that, but I never seem to find anything good on ebay.

Wow! Color me green! (smile) Have fun with all that stuff, huh?

Add lots of yarn, pattern books and crochet needles …that’s what I inherited about 6 months ago…:heart: from my dear (departed) friend…Cheley