My dream this morning (somewhat OT)

I had one of those weird dreams before I woke up…

I was trying to color my hair before work (which indeed was the plan), and for some reason, there were 3 other moms there with their little kids. First of all they totally were screwing with my hair color stuff, AND the hair color stuff had like 25 components and was like a science project to put together.

Then one of the toddlers went to look at my baby afghan WIP…and by the time we got to him, he had totally de-needled the entire thing! ARGH!!!

I woke up and I was so happy that neither situation was true!

Hair color, BTW, ended up fine. It was “light ash blonde” and I am naturally mroe of a dark blonde, but it really barely lightened at all. I used that Garnier stuff, which I have learned doesnt really change your color much but it does cover the grey!

Clearly I had some hair color anxiety not to mention anxiiety about the afghan which has been set aside until after Christmas.

I could never interpret dreams… My wife could… doing her pscyh stuff… but Dreams aren’t always as plain as we think they are… :slight_smile:

However… seems you do have some anxiety :slight_smile: So hurry up and get the afghan done before some demon child comes over :lol:

In my world I need to worry more about the demon dog (although to date, he has limited his mischief to food items). But I have all knitting put where he can’t stick his nose in and snort it, or otherwise cause havoc.

Yeah I gotta get on that afghan, due date is 1/7/2006. (due date being the shower!)

dreams are strange things indeed.
there’s no rhyme or reason most times.