My dog hates PediPaws!

So our dog fights having her nails done with traditional clippers and I am always afraid she will get quicked so after reading so many great reviews and talking to the vet off I went to get my PediPaws. We laid it on the floor and gave her treats for sniffing it when it was off, then on, then fake did her nails with it off and gave treats etc etc etc for a week. The hubby sat her down to actually use it yesterday and she freaked out - and the smell was horrible. We put the PediPaws away and then let her up - then pulled out the traditional clippers and she flopped over and gave him NO trouble what so ever !!

sometimes i wear fake nails
the smell of having them filed down is vile
my cat wont come near me if i wear hand lotion
if it is not the smel bothering her
try tuning it on and leaving it beside he

Ughh… I had the exact same problem. Its funny how the commercial says your dog will love this!! yea right. I continued bringing it out and giving my dogs treats for about a month. They have finally started associating it with treats. Everytime I get it out they are actually excited. I also found that getting their nail positioned in it before I turn it on works best, then I would just barely grind a nail and hoot and holler and give them another treat. It finally started working!! As far as the smell, I found that at first I was grinding the nails to hard, the grinding sound would be pretty loud. If you do it right(which is completely impossible when the dog is fighting it), its a very quiet purring sound and doesn’t really smell. Still, my main reason for getting it was I am afriad to cut the quick with regular trimmers, you could still cut the quick with these. Good Luck, I’m starting to think its worth the 10 bucks to have the vet do it though.:teehee:

I’ve thought about it but figured the vibration and sound would freak my dog out worse than standard squeeze clippers.
It doesn’t matter how quiet hair clippers are they freak him out.

One dog doesn’t mind it,the other dog freaks whenever you go near her nails. She’s such a baby! :heart:

My 1 dog pretty much needs to be put under in order to cut her nails. She won’t go near the pedi paws. I think her nails would be ripped off, She is a Chihuahua. I think those devices are good for large dogs. Chihuahua nails are so small to begin with.

We just went with a standard Dremel tool, because - dude, a 60-lb Treeing Walker Coonhound? You’d end up burning out the PediPaws before you got the talons filed down. He freaked a little bit the first time or two, and the little one still does.

Doing it a little bit at a time will take a LONG time, but you can’t hold the filing part against their nails too long - it’ll heat up and hurt them and burn the nail. I tend to go back and forth from nail to nail for that reason, I don’t want any one to get too hot.

Dremels are great…except I really think you have to start them young. Heck, the noise freaks me out :slight_smile:

My dog tolerates clippers but freaks with a dremel.

I haven’t heard too much that is good about pedi-paws. I don’t think they are meant for the big breeds.

I have a 90 lb. lab/shepherd mix and a 45 lb. husky mix, and I’ve used the PediPaws on both of them. Neither one of them really seem to mind it, and it seems to do a pretty good job on both of their nails. It is a two person job, though. If someone doesn’t hold them while I work on the nails, I get the look of death after doing one nail and they get up and walk away with their heads in the air. :teehee:

:slight_smile: This cracked me up! “The look of death”! Yeah, like you just killed 'em or something!

Love these guys!

My Sunshine HATED the nail clippers, but actually gives my husband her paws to “get her nails done” with the pedipaws. Greatest invention ever! For us anyway.

Our half-Rottie just lays back on your lap (:roflhard: lap and then some, really) and lets you rub his belly while another clips his nails.

Of course it helps that he thinks he is a lap dog (at 69 + pounds).

The pitty is he is afraid of the dark and we must go outside with him at night or he doesn’t take time to pee. Our back yard is fenced in for him and our children, yet he needs someone with him after dark. :roll:

Well, he is just a year old last week. :wink:


Mine had trouble with it in the beginning too because I was using too gritty a sandpaper drum.

Mine is the PetiCure, but I’m sure it’s exactly the same. Also, I did not buy the entire unit, as I already had a Dremel, so I only purchased the $20 guard attachment for Dremels, but I’m sure it’s the same thing for you…inside the guard you find a little ring of sandpaper, which is what files the nails down.

Take it to your Home Depot or Lowe’s and go to the Dremel area of the store and ask someone to help you get finer sandpaper drums for the unit. That SHOULD help. Compare filing your own nails with a really coarse side of the nailfile vs. the finer side. Much nicer isn’t it? :wink:

It’s slow going with it on nails with the fine sandpaper, but it SHOULD get your dog not to mind it so much and then move up to the grittier, faster nail-trimming sandpapers.

Let us know how that works! Good work with the treats. I did that too, for a week I gave them treats every time they saw me holding the unit, then I would also turn it on and give treats, and eventually filed nails and gave treats.

Thank you all for you input - our dog is 60lbs and her paws are plenty robust for the PediPaws. In fact, I am wondering if she isn’t too robust - her nails are enormous - They really seem thicker to me than our shephards nails and he was a bigger dog. I will certainly look into finer grit sandpaper an see if I keep the treats going she will get better. I would like to be able to use it to at least take the points off - her dew claws really grow fast and are deadly weapons. I’m afraid I will quick them with the regular clippers, but man the points on them have to come off every couple of weeks or I get scratched as she jumps on/off my lap (she’s a snuggler) She really is kind of a chicken when it comes to new things so I shouldn’t be too suprised.

:hug:Good luck! I have one dog which goes BESERK on nail cutting with clippers, but will stand and let me hold his paw for the Peticure. I had a Shepherd and know how thick THOSE nails are. You truly WILL eventually need to go to the grittier sandpaper, but the fine one should get her started in accepting the procedure a little more.

Do you walk her on a sidewalk at all? The friction of the asphalt should act as a nailfile to file that down for you.

Also, remember the back paws are never as long as the front ones, since they use it and file it down more every time they jump up or walk up a step or anything like that, so always cut/file the back paws down a little less than the front ones in order not to cut the quick.

We have a yorkie and I bought one of the darn things after the groomer charged me $16 to do it instead of clipping. Well, it is still sitting in the box as my dog is a BIG fraidy cat of everything. When we kennel him he has to have a suite and individual playtime because he is afraid of other dogs. So, I haven’t gotten brave enough to even bring it out.

Poor baby…:flirt:

As mentioned above, it helps to get him used to it by turning it on and giving him a treat. He will associate it with treats and good things. Then, after a couple of weeks, hold treat between your lips and do one nail. His nose will be a few inches from the treat and that will be all he can concentrate on.

Also, make sure you’re using (as I mentioned before) a finer sandpaper drum.

Good luck and kisses to the pup!:muah:

I can’t imagine any dog or cat willing allowing us to use that devise on them. I have 3 cats and the ordinary clippers take care of their nails in short order. The hardest part is rounding the victim, er-r-r, clippee up for the job to get done.

Yeeeah, cats, not so much.

We were using a plain Dremel (no guard) and it took both of us to hold them in place with lots of reassurance. Eventually, Big Dog got all phlegmatic about it, but Little Squirt is still jumpy. Of course, now they couldn’t care less about the regular clippers, which are quicker and easier.