My Denises Finally Came!

Its only been a couple of months since I sent my Denises away to be exchanged for new ones, but I finally got them back and I couldn’t be happier with the customer service/ return process.

They sent me back a note saying that it looked as though I had just used mine so much that they suffered excessive wear and tear. LOL. I have only had them for a year, but have used them so much that I wore them right out. Even the case fell apart!

But, I am sitting here with the new case/ needles in my hands hopping with joy that they are back. I can’t believe I went so long without them!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

So, watcha gonna knit first?

wow. :shock: a couple of months seems like a long time for them to take a look at your needles and send you a new set.

I was thinking a couple months is a long time, too. If I had to give up my needles for a couple months, I’d be upset. Oh yeah, I guess I’d just have to use my 2nd set (that is with the stash in the closet and dh doesn’t know I have 2). :rofling:

Derp, correction – not a couple of MONTHS, a couple of WEEKS. I think it may have just seemed like a couple of months. LOL.

Thats great they replaced your needles for you.

I just cast on for a skirt for my gd. Its coming along nicely. I too love my Denise set. :XX: :XX:

OMGosh I was dying when I thought you meant MONTHS! :rofling: That would be horrible!