My DD is in Japan!

OK- some of you may remember that my DD left 2 weeks after her 18th birthday to live with a man 8 months younger than me. Well there has been so much going on since then. I’ve been learning through therapy how to let go without being out of touch and I have been accepting things more and more. Then, just after Thanksgiving my DD came over to bring birthday presents for me and her brother (my BD was 11/28 his was 11/23) and she tells me that she broke up with her “boyfriend” because he wouldn’t let her see her friends (surprise surprise - I knew a man twice her age would be controlling). Anyway, I told her I was proud of her for getting out early in that case and asked where she was going. She told me she was going to move in temporarily with one of her best friends - who is going to school in Las Vegas. Her father and his family also live in Vegas so I wasn’t surprised when she said she chose to spend Christmas with them so she can move in with Natty (her friend). Then this morning I get this e-mail:

"well this will be hard for you to take at first maybe…but I am in Japan.
I`ll be back jan. 9th

I love you and I`ll be safe…its really amazing here…so many cute boys…but most of them with girlfriends XD"

Oi vai!!! :shock: I’m really not angry with her for going to Japan. heck,if I had that opportunity at her age I would take it, but I am just so shocked that she thought she had to tell me she was going to her dad’s. Did she think I wouldn’t find out. My DS already told me her Myspace said she was in japan and I talked to her dad on Sunday who said he saw her for all of 1/2 hour when she dropped by after leaving her stuff at Natty’s. So I was already figuring out something was shifty.

Anyway, I really do hope she has fun and stays safe. I’ll have to talk to her about lying to mom later :wink:

Wow! I wouldn’t be angry that she went to Japan as much as I’d be hurt she felt she couldn’t tell me. Heck, if I’d known my child was going to Japan, I’d be so excited for him (oldest is 20, so I get it). I mean, what a great experience. Sounds like she is having fun.

Maybe she didn’t want to worry you with the trip? Figured once she got there safe and sound then she would tell you? I hope she has a great time and takes lots of pictures :happydance:

That is exactly how I feel. She has had a thing for Japan since she was a little girl and I’ve always been supportive of her some day traveling there. But I do think she just didn’t want me to worry - plus she probably didn’t want to hear my incessant admonitions to be careful, pack warm, etc. etc. I know myself and I wouldn’t be able to help myself and she knows that too :roflhard:

How annoying that she didn’t give me a chance to knit her all sorts of stuff for her trip and now the one warm thing I made for her so far won’t get to her until after she gets back :tap: