My dd can knit!

I’m so excited–my (then 4yo) dd woke me up about two weeks ago on a Sunday morning and asked that I teach her to knit. We spent about an hour working on it and I thought she did well but didn’t expect that it’d stick.

Last night we did it again and to my surprise, if I hold the tension in her yarn, she can knit conti style w/o help from mom!!! I’m so excited!!! (almost as proud as when she started reading!!)

How cute! Better get her started early, eh? Train her to pump out some dishcloths and you’ll have a never ending supply of gifts!

That’s so cute! Now you have an in-house knitting buddy!:stuck_out_tongue:

Cute!! My just turned 4 year old wants to learn but she can’t ‘get it’ yet needless to say sit for longer than 5 minutes!! Maybe at 5 :wink: