My daughter knitting

I can’t help but post this. I’m very proud of her.:slight_smile: She is 7.

That is so cute! I wish my daughter would show some interest in knitting, but shes a teenager… so she wont do anything I want her to do. LOL

wow. she looks really engrossed in her knitting. and she’s such a cutie pie, too!
you must be so proud! :yay:

What a sweetie! I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to teach to knit!

That’s great! And, by learning so young, she has a lifetime of good knitting!

Wow, awesome! So adorable :woot:

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your daughter. We all like to see kids knitting. I hope she keeps it up.

Awwww! That is too cute!

What a beautiful girl! It certainly looks like she’s enjoying herself!

That’s so great!!! I don’t blame you for posting pix! :slight_smile: Congrats to her!

So cute. That is a great age to learn.

that is so cute- I’m glad she is having fun with it. and good for you for passing on the skill…

That’s great! :cheering: She looks like she is really enjoying it.

How sweet! My daughter is 21 months and all she can do - which is sweet in and of itself - is bring my needles to me and say, “elephant?, elephant?” I made her an elephant finger puppet one day and from time to time she requests another.:slight_smile:

How lovely,i only have sons and they are not interested.

What a totally adorable little girl! Oh yeah, and the knitting is pretty cute, too!

Man, I just love little girls. I wish my 3 didn’t have to grow up so fast. I miss them running around driving me crazy…

She looks so intent on her knitting! What a cutie!

How sweet! My 7yo keeps begging me to teach her to knit! I told her I need to get better at it before I try to teach her! I’d better not wait too long though I guess, in case she changes her mind!


I think its great that she is knitting at 7. My DD learned to knit when she was 8. She took a class at the LYS then I decided that I wanted to learn.

I suggest that you keep her supplied and encourage to try new things while she is still young. DD is now 12 and she still enjoys going to the knit togethers but I know that it won’t last forever.