My corners

Don’t forget I am a new knitter, struggling along so when you look at my screen shots, so don’t look at the actual stitches. :mrgreen:

As my piece gets longer, I notice that on just one end, the edge is not straight. It sorta curves. Can someone help me with this and tell me what to do to make the corner shaped like an “L” and like the other corner?


Oh, I forgot to mention I am experimenting with changing yarn colors.

Looks like maybe your cast on it’s a bit tight. Garter stitches are larger than stockinette stitches… Generally wider at least. If your cast on is tight then you do garter this can happen. So try to loosen up the cast on.

Eye-catching I haven’t tried it, but you might be able to cast on an extra couple of stitches then k1, k2tog (end with k2tog, k1). Not sure it would work, but worth a try if you can’t cast on looser.

i wondered if you’re inadvertently doing (or did) yarnovers when you start that side? that could cause the gradual increase in width…

Yes, tight cast-on stitches could be a problem since I’m not used to light weight yarn. As a beginner, I have found that bulky weight yarns are easier to learn on. This is the first time I’ve used light weight. But I will keep going and see if it stays straight from now on.

Xtopher, I seriously doubt I’m doing a yarnover, because watching the video, it looks complicated to me. (almost everything looks complicated to me, though, except stockinette. lol)

Thanks to you both for replying.

Yes, it may well be a tight cast on but I wondered too about an increase in stitch number especially at the beginning of a row. Is your current stitch count the same as the cast on? If you pull up on the first stitch of a row, it can make it look like two sts, increase the stitch count and cause the curve that you see.
Knitting looks good, btw. Nice color change.

It looks like you increased to me too. Another way of picking up an extra stitch is when the end one isn’t on the needle just right and you knit into both legs. I don’t know that that would cause loose stitches. I think maybe I’ll have to try it on purpose and see what happens.

I’m curious about your stitch count too. Knowing whether your stitch count changed from the number of stitches cast on would tell if there are increases.

Please explain increase. I watched the video but didn’t really “get it”. Thanks

To increase means to add additional stitches. How many stitches did you cast on? How many stitches are on you needle now? If there are more now than what you started with, you increased on some stitches.

Hope that helps,

This tutorial shows the increase stitch at the beginning of the row. It’s the very last panels at the bottom:
This video shows the same thing at the very beginning (0:35 min)