My cat in a


OMG that is so funny! She must have enjoyed sitting in the sun and thought you put that CHAIR there for her to sit in! Cute, really cute. She has gorgeous markings… I love calico cats.

Oh my gosh that is too cute! :teehee:

Cuteness overload! What a great picture!

Adorable! And such a pretty kitty too!

How Cute!! She is looking like “Is there a problem?” Like its normal to sit in a bowl :roflhard:

Awwww, how sweet she is! Thanks for sharing!

So cute!!!

How cute. Cats have the ability to make themselves comfortable anywhere.

Cute picture! :teehee:

What is it with cats that makes them like to squish themselves into spaces to small for them? My cat used to stuff himself into this small heart-shaped wicker basket and hang out there most of the day.

Too cute! I’m going to start a thread for funny cat pictures… hehe

Very funny:roflhard: Cat’s can be so weird. Your’s is very pretty, btw.


Very pretty gray stripey cat. They do love bowls and baskets.

We’ve had several of them over the years. We referred to one as ‘the mother of all life’ because we had 13 of her kittens at one time. Couldn’t find a time when she wasn’t pregnant to get her spayed. One of the sweetest animals we ever had.

Awww, how cute!


Oh I cannot show that to my cat, Jack. He’s a HUGE longhaired male who likes to curl up in things that are not his size. He would start stalking my cabinets for bowls to curl up in! That is just precious!

Hehe, that’s too cute. My moms cat likes to squeeze herself into a small crock. It’s pretty funny.