My Cat Buffy Helps Me Knit!

Thought I’d share with you Buffy trying to help me knit…she’s not really got the hang of it yet though!


Too cute! I’d like to see a couple of FO’s from Buffy. :slight_smile:

A WIP, from Buffy!

Oh I can see Buffy is a huge help! :teehee: She’s adorable and I just want to grab her and snuzzle her neck!!

AWWW!!! :heart::heart::heart:

Awww, she’s so cute! My cats like to help me like that, too.

She’s great with her paws :lol:!!! Mine likes to chew the cables, it’s his way to make the project go faster:shock:…

How cute!

Mine likes to help “untangle” my yarn…

He also has his own set of circular needles and skein of yarn… (He claimed them a while ago, but has yet to make anything!)

Maxx, our German Shepherd mix tries to help me by either sitting on the yarn, or picking it up and running away with it, usually dragging a project and needles behind him :nails: