My brain does'nt work

I went to a yarn store out of town on Sat and took a 2 hr class on Continental Knitting.I had it down…drove home 3 hrs and now my hands and brain wont do it again.I feel like I wasted my $25 for the class…We dont have a knitting shop in my town…I am so frustrated…Sissy

Have you tried checking the videos concerning Continental
knitting on here? Maybe they will remind you enough what
you need to do that it will all click back into place…
Sorry for the frustration!!

It’ll come back. Watch one of the videos and it’ll make sense again. (Or crochet something so your hands will remember the yarn hold.) Don’t give up–it’s sooo much easier on the wrists!

–Becky (knitting is the only Continental thing about me!)

OI, hate when that happens!!! I concur with watching the videos!!! it’ll come back. :slight_smile: