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Yep. I knit for my co-works too. XD


:muah: I’m back to knitting. XD


My dad got back surgery but he’s doing well. I think I’m sick but I’m just coughing every now and then. I’m tiring to get back to knitting. It’s hard.


Best wishes for your dad! Feel better soon!


I think today, my cold is mostly gone. XD My dad’s fells a lot batter. I have to print out some thins and then go to my knitting teacher.


I’m felling good. :yay: My b-day it is coming soon. On the 5th.:balloons:


Are you hoping for something special? Is it a big birthday?


I’m hoping it’ll be big B-day. I’m getting some stuff I’ve all ways wanted. I’m getting a game and an anime called Rozen Maiden. :woot: A Japanese cartoon.


:thumbsup: Sounds fun. I meant big birthday like you’re going to be 13 or 16 or something. :wink:


I’m 23 today. :inlove:


Happy birthday! :balloons:


Happy Birthday! :cheering: :woohoo: :cheering:


Thank you.


I’m doing well. cloud9 My sister is giving me a barbie doll.


That’s nice of her! Are you going to knit some clothes for the doll?


Yes I am. :woohoo:


You ladys should see what I crochet. I’ll take pics as soon as I get home.


I’ve been doing well. How is everyone? :grphug: I didn’t take pics of stuff I’ve been knitting will soon.


I’m doing well. I’m in the process of making two sweaters. :zombie: What are you up to?


I’m going to make a sweater for my boss and a scraf for my dad. I’ve been going on other sites for way to long. So, I’m tring not to stay on to long. There is some guy i like at my work but I know he does not like me. I’ve been sick a coulpe of times but now I’m well.