My 2 color dilemma... HELP PLEASE!

Ok so thank You to all the ladies who helped with my casting on of 2 different colors. Now I need your help again please:

I knit my first color then move to my second color… all going well.
I catch the first color so my loop at the back is not too long and then move back to color 1 again… It looks good and just like the video.

I then knit my second row and here is my problem… My loops are now on BOTH SIDES of my knitting. I now have my carried color on both sides of the work. What am I doing wrong.

Dilemma number 2- When I move onto the second row, color two’s yarn is on the wrong side. Can I just pass the yarn through the needles so it is on the correct side or does this mean I have twisted my yarn wrong in the previous row???

I am so lost… Any help is greatly appreciated.

Peta xx

Your cast on was 30sts MC, 10sts CC and 30sts MC. If you’re carring the MC across the back of the CC (stranded or fair isle kniting) remember that you always want to carry the unused yarn on the wrong side (the inside or private side) of the piece. No matter what stitch pattern you’re doing, stockinette, ribbing, garter, whatever, carry the unused yarn on the wrong side. If you finish a stitch with the yarn to the front before changing color, bring the yarn to the back and pick up the new yarn over the old. If you alwasy leave the unused strands on the wrong side, they’ll be where you need them. Yes, you can pass the yarn between the needles now to get it into the correct place but it’s better to do that when you drop the yarn. That way you’re sure to twist the yarns and prevent holes.
Same idea if you decided to use intarsia (2balls of MC and one of CC). Keep the dropped yarn to the back side (or inside of the dog) and remember to twist the 2 yarns when you switch colors.

Thank You Thank You Thank You… A MILLION Thank Yous!!!

Hopefully I can practice this and my dog will have no holes lol.

Thanks Again,

Peta xx