My 1st big project

All I have made before this was grandmothers favorites dishcloths… so then I decided I wanted a scarf.

I found the bird’s eye stitch in and old knitting book and then just added an extra k2 border. it is Patons SWS is natural blue… also my first time using actual wool, lol. I am really proud of it. It took me a month because I only did it when I was riding the bus to go to school (and only if my 2 year old was behaving!), or b/w classes.

Please ignore the dirty table- my son was just coloring there.

That’s beautiful! You should be very proud!!

Looks wonderful!!!

Beautiful colors - love it! You should be proud!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

That’s so pretty! The stitches look gorgeous!

I love the colorway… that is so friggin’ gorgeous~~ Nice neutral colors to blend with anything you wear~!!

that’s VERY pretty!!