My 13yo gave me the BEST Gift

I was “forced” to stay in my bedroom friday, while we were snowed in, and the kids made me PROMISE not to come out. :knitting:with a bit of trepidation I did knit the day away.
When we did get up to go to a school potluck dinner, they showed me the livingroom (AKA family storage area)
:inlove:the floor was cleared, baskets of c r a p had been sorted and put away, old school work put away or recycled, the floor (yes the FLOOR) swept
it was incredible:woot:
then yesterday my daughter told me she had to go help her friend while I went to a CPR class. I had set it up for her sister and she to go to my sisters house. I told her as soon as her friend got home she could go over, and could be home alone until then, but she had to text me when she left the house (or her friend came over)
she is my reliable kid, so it was cool;)
when I came home she had the BIGGEST smile on her face,:slight_smile: and told me she had to make a 'Presentation’
so I was led into my house (was it my house?) and I saw the livingroom not just cleaned but, the furniture done like a designer layout in a magazine.:inlove:
Dining room table is on an angle, chairs around, pictures on the walls, hope chest placed nicely, crappy old coffee table downstairs in storage, :happydance:
The tree was put up saturday after the FIRST cleaning event, but I could have my grandmother over now, it looks THAT good
Thank You Tasha!!!:woohoo::thumbsup::woohoo:

How wonderful. Kids can really surprise you sometimes.

What a child! I love when kids do things like that. It shows that they “get” it when it matters most.

That is awesome! You must be doing something right, mom, because that is one fabulous child. :slight_smile:

Aww! What lovely kids you have :yay:

Those are the times that make the sick nights, and groundings all worth while! What a nice thing for them to do!

How wonderful!

What a sweet kid you have :slight_smile:

How wonderful is that! It’s those moments that remind you how great it is to be a parent!


:yay: What great kids ! You should enjoy it while it lasts lol :slight_smile:
Your girls sound super . Well done Girls for helping mummy:yay:

Doesn’t it just make you feel warm and fuzzy all over?

Ours did that a few times, like cleaning after I had a series of surgeries. You could have eaten off the floor it was so clean. That was the summer he learned how to cook, also, and we told him we thought we’d keep him around some more. (He was 11!:slight_smile: )

Congratulations on raising a really great kid!

What wonderful kids you have! Your daughter sounds like a gem… Congratulations, Momma! :woohoo:

Aaaaw, how WONDERFUL! Tell her from another Mother just how cool she is :slight_smile:

How sweet and thoughtful! Can I borrow her?? :teehee:

That was so awesome of them! :slight_smile:

last night I had tasha read all your replies
she was getting a bit frustrated with it then I let her read the first post (mine)
she started to wiggle she was so pleased
thank you all


What a lift it gave me, reading this! CAN be wonderful sometimes, can’t they? Lucky you. Mine are grown up and long gone, so it’s pretty empty around here now…ENJOY! and thanks for sharing, it did bring back memories

[COLOR="#300090"]I don’t know. :?? If my children did that I’d suspect something was up. I’d pull the CSI gloves on and look for the evidence they tried to “clean” away! :oo: :roflhard: (Oh! this was about your child/children and not mine. :aww: So it is probably a good thing. :wink: )

That sounds like a great gift (for you) from your children. :balloons:

Now, Have you noted it on your calendar yet? :slight_smile: