Must step away from the computer

Do you know how hard it is to stay off this site, when your work is based off the internet?

I will close the screen, a call will come in, I look up the customer and go to our admin site (ON THE DERN INTERNET) figure out their problem and then hang up.

Instead of just closing that screen…I think…Wonder if there are any new posts on KH? So here I am again.

I have 3 (THREE) projects in my purse right now that are screaming my name…have I looked at them??? NOOOOOOO

I’d ask to be banned but wouldn’t you know the minute I did I’d have a real question about the projects I’m neglecting.

:XX: :XX: :XX: :XX: <<<<<That SHOULD be me.

Poor Steph! I feel the same way. It takes everything I have not to venture over to the KH forum while I’m at work…and this morning, I was almost late because I spent an hour browsing. I woke up at 6 and didn’t start getting ready until almost 7! Yikes!

Believe me, I know the feeling. I have been knitting, because I’m not working this week. My house looks like it’s been ransacked, the laundry is building up, I ate my first meal at 8 p.m., all because I have a little project I want to complete and need to keep my nose in here! :?eyebrow: What’s wrong with this picture? :thinking:

i’m supposed to be doing house work all day… guess where i am! on here. i said ok, i’m going to get off at 10 am and that turns into 11, then the next thing i know its 2pm. i get nothing done everyday!

Well, GET GOIN!! You know, YARN DONT KNIT ITSELF!!! :roflhard:

Ooh… you mean I shouldn’t be in here constantly through the day while I’m working???

oh… crap… :shock:

mind you… i knit on the bus, so I look at my WIP all day thinking… “Damn… I’d rather be knitting”…

(side note… some of my stitch markers sold!!!)

Gosh, I can’t work, and I have a problem staying off at home…lol; even when the doc has me on bedrest…I get up to let the dog out, get a glass of water, etc…I must ALWAYS check in…then I have to check in @ kR…what’s up with that?! It’s probably as my husband says…we are women. Although…I wonder if the guy :XY: do the same thing?!

[color=blue] :shock: OH OH…but who will keep me company all day if not all of you? :cheering: [/color]

you all are the only adults i talk 2 cause everyone eles is at work! :smiley: