Must See FO

why must see? Because is Transformers Dish cloth join to become a Stool Cover… Original i have total of 12 pieces joined together to knit a rug and border too knitted. But my Husband preferred to cover that stool instead of rug…

Again, another unpick project, i unpick the borders, then the 12 pieces to 9 and sew the 9 pieces together and started to knit the drop down. And now i have 3 pieces of loose Transformers…

here you go… 9 of my transformers are here.

Nice!! Now with your 3 transformers you have a start on the rug to go with it. :wink:

How clever to use them that way! :thumbsup:

Very colorful and very interesting work! You really ROCK!

What a unique project! Great job!!

My grandsons are ‘into’ Transformers, and i was wondering where you got this pattern? You’ve made a very nice cover for the stool. linknit41

Very well done! That is such and inventive project.

I love it and I love the idea!


[SIZE=7][COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Arial Black]WOW[I]!!![/I][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]

That foot rest is going to have to become an heirloom piece,
passed down generation to generation.

Really awesome! Now my husband is singing the transformers theme song over my shoulder lol