Must I dry clean?

I hate having to have clothes dry cleaned and I try to avoid dry clean only unless it is a business suit. Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention this weekend when I bought a couple of new skirts on sale at Ann Taylor Loft (and I had a $25 coupon). I was so excited to get two skirts for $15 that I didn’t look at the tags and darn if they aren’t dry clean only. They are 100% rayon with acetate lining - do I really have to dry clean or can I wash in cold water on delicate cycle or use the dryel stuff?

I hand wash rayon with Woolite and have good results. I’m hesitant to tell you that in case you try it and it ruins the shirts. I think they put dry clean only on the tag because Rayon has a way of wrinkling alot and it’s not a real sturdy fabric. I think they don’t want you going all hog wild with a wash board on it. Dry cleaning will probably make them last longer.

thank you - I won’t hold you responsible if I wash it and it gets ruined : ) I was reading about rayon and it seems it is washable, but it can be quite fragile when wet. I hate to wear things without washing it b/c who knows who and how many people tried it on :ick: but…don’t really want to pay to dry clean them before I wear them. Yes, I know I’m crazy.

Maybe I’ll cold water wash one this weekend and see how it goes.

thank you

or you could do this, wash in cold water, hang to dry.

That’s what I would say. Definitely hang dry since that’s usually where you can get a lot of damage to the fabric from.

I have several rayon shirts and a lined full skirt.
I hand-wash them and hang to dry.
They shrivel a bit but can be worn as is if I’m not feeling too particular. If I am, I give them a few swipes with a warm iron and they smooth out instantly.

Oh yeah, definitely don’t whip it in the dryer. Either hang dry or dry flat.

Just beat it against a rock.

I’ve used that Dryel stuff quite a bit and it works great. It a little pricey ($8-9) if you’re going to use it alot though. About three to four item fit in the bag and three or four dryel sheets come in the box.

You could try one of the store-bought dry cleaning things. They’re packets of moist sheets that you put into the dryer along with your clothes on low or no heat. I’ve used them for wool sweaters and they work great, but i don’t know about rayon / acetate.

cold water
delicate wash
ANY cheap shampoo
fluff dry no heat abot 10 minutes
and hang to dry
have done same with light colored wool slacks and jackets
hint c ame from a textile customer

Another reason something is dry clean only - the dye may not be colorfast. Rayon is a fiber where this happens.

Try wetting a small discreet corner. Dip in a small dish of water, swoosh around and see how much dye residual comes out. You can then decide if you want to wash or not.