Muskox Wool

Also known as Quivit. I know there have been some discussions about Quivit and how nice (and expensive) it is. I have never fondled it.

My parents just came back from Alaska. My mom had gone into a bead/yarn store and saw the yarn. I did not know it came from a Musk Ox. It was $83 for 218 yards of lace weight (supposedly enough for a small lacey scarf). They were out of purple, but she offered to mail order it for me when it was back in stock! I have the best mom ever!


Lucky you! I’ve never felt it, but I hear it’s devine! You have to pluck the belly of the Musk Ox to get it, so I imagine they deserve some well-earned compensation for it.:rofling:

I just did a little googling and found that Kemp has it in her store for a much better price from the same manufacturer! yeah Kemp! Off to call my mom!


wow you are lucky!!! can’t wait to see a pic!

Mmmmm Qiviut…

I’ve never actually felt it, but often dreamt about it. I’m too frugal to buy it myself, unless it was practically free. I can only hope that one day someone will gift me with it like your FABULOUS MOM!!! Mom’s rock! :slight_smile:

How odd…did you mom take cruise? My sister just came back from Alaska too, and also went into a bead/yarn store, where she also felt some quiviut. She said she was stunned by the price (she is not a knitter, and also still a student, so even a can of soda is an extravagant indulgence) but that is was incredibly soft. She wound up getting me a few balls of aMaizing (corn fiber yarn by SWTC) that she found in the sale bin. :slight_smile:

I wonder if they were on the sale cruise.

And what am I going to do with 2 skeins of aMaizing?