when a pattern doesn’t call for how many to cast on and says MULTIPLE OF 8 +5 OR MULTPLE OF 2 OR MULTIPLE OF 18+9. can someone tell me thanks i probably should know this but wasn’t sure :knitting:

Simple math, if it says cast on a multiple of 8, cast on a number of stitches that can be evenly divided by 8.

Example: 88 stitches would be a multiple of 8 (88/8 = 11) as would 48 stitches (48/8=6).

Multiple of 8 + 5 would simply be a number divisible by 8 and then add 5 more.

ok so multple of 8 anything like 8 or 16 or 24?
8+5 is 13 so cast on 13 thanks

Yep, that’s it. The 8+5 thing would be 13, or 16+5 or 24+5 or 88+5 etc.

thanks i think i got it

Cool, just wasn’t sure I explained it well enough :rofl: