Multiple +

I want to start my self a scarf and design a new pattern. I have an old stitch guide from mon tricot. Many of the stitch patterns call for a multiple number + extra stitches. For example it may say multiple of 4 + 2. How do I cast on for this type of a pattern is it say 20 stitches + 2 (22) or 6 x 5 for a total of 30? Please help. I am a fairly skilled knitter but want to expand and design my own patterns.

You mulitply the first number by however many times you want to repeat it, then add the 2nd number. So 22 is correct (or 26, 30, etc).

Thanks for your help. Do I also need to allow for selvedge stitches if I want a border?

Depends on the pattern. But probably not. Most patterns that say multiples of x +2, call for the first & last stitches as the knit (thus the +2) when working on the public/right side & purls on the back/wrong side & the pattern stitches for the rest.

If you list part of the pattern, I could tell you for sure.

Not to confuse you, but this because if you slip the first stitch of every row, you get a neater edge. Much easier to seam together later. Or to pick up stitches.

A lot of people find that slipping the first st [I]does not[/I] make it easier to seam or pick up sts from. When you slip a stitch it spans two rows and you need to seam by going into every row and for picking up you may need to pick up in every stitch, or every 3 out of 4, so sliiping the first makes it more difficult to do this. Only slip an edge if that’s going to be exposed in the finished item.

if I want a garter stitch border do I need to allow for the multiple of __ + 2 then add the border stitches to the ends? (Example: multiple of 4 + 2 and border= 20 + 2 + 5 each end for garter border).

Yes, that can work. Often the +2 (or whatever) is just a plain stitch to fill out the pattern and may not work as an edge stitch.