Multi-colored yarns

I’m interested in using multi-colored yarns to knit pot-holders for my kitchen.

I was wondering if the colors change quickly enough for small projects?

I’m planning on a simple garter stitch and about an 8" x 8" sq.

Thanks. R.

It really depends on the yarn. Some have long color changes where you’ll get more stripes and some are short where colors can all kind of blend together. What yarn are you wanting to use?

I’m looking for something like this:
Lion Brand - Jiffy Thick & Quick (color- Ozark)
Fiber: 100% Acrylic
Weight: Super Bulky Weight: Bulky, Roving Yarn
5.00 oz./140 g (84 yd/76 m)

I’ve not used that yarn, but I think it’s usually got shorter color changes.

You might want to consider another fiber for pot holders. Acrylic isn’t the best for high heat. I think I’d use wool, a washable one if you need to wash them. Also make them fairly dense so your fingers don’t poke through and get burned.

Thanks, Jan.

I’ll ck out wool yarns and would the seed stitch be tight enough?

Either stitch is okay. Just use a smaller needle size if it seems like your fingers would go through. I made a felted one that works fairly well.