Multi color blanket with border

I can’t figure out how to properly add a third color in a blanket I am knitting which has a reversible pattern. I am trying to add a third color into the equation where the border meets the body and I am already using the border color and have added one other color and I want to add another. Having trouble figuring out how to neatly join the three as I continue to carry the yarns? Can someone please tell me how to do this? I do know how to cross two of the yarns. It’s adding the third that is giving me trouble.

Welcome to KH!
Are you carrying yarns across the back of the design (as in fair isle) or is this separate areas of color, each with it’s own ball of yarn (intarsia)?
Can you give us a link to the pattern or to a photo?

The pattern is called Rare Purls Original Pattern. Blake’s Baby Blanket. It came from Ravelry as I recall. I am trying to use 3 colors with one of the colors in the body, also being used as the border.


The simplest thing to do is use a separate ball for each panel in each color. So you might knit a cross a row with border color A, color B, color C, main body A, color C, color B and border color A. You would twist the old color and the new color around each other on the back when you change color. That way there would be no floats as yarn is carried across the back although you will be able to see the twist on the reverse side.