Mug cozy pattern?

Hello there! I’ll tell you my brief knitting sob story. I had just gotten into knitting and was loving it when I gave birth to my now teen daughter. She had a disability that took all my time, so I dropped my new knitting hobby. She is in her later teens, now.

She has this mug. It’s her favorite mug and she takes it everywhere, and she loves cozies! It’s an oddly shaped mug, but only in that it is tall and tapers regularly outward (gets progressively bigger from bottom to top).

I know I could knit her a cozy.

I remember that round needles were my favorite kind, so much so that I knitted a couple of things using my round needles that were supposed to be knitted on straight needles.

Here’s the kicker. I now have neuropathy with a possible diagnosis of MS. It affects my left hand. I feel like I am kind of in a race against time.

So, I want to knit her this cozy that will be better than store bought ones because it will conform to her actual tall, tapered mug.

I’ve bought a beginner knitting book to refresh my memory. Now I am looking for a way to learn how to know how to plan out the cozy such that it will taper outward, be long enough, and have a button or snap that accommodates the handle, then to buy the right materials and needles and supplies.

So, I’m here to learn and maybe make a few friends.

Nice to meet everyone. Any advice on my cozy project would be welcomed with opened arms!

Welcome to the forum!
There are pages of patterns on Ravelry and I just searched free ones. I scanned through several pages but didn’t see many strong outward tapers although some fit slightly shaped mugs.

There is this one which is rather clever. It’s made from I-cord so would be easy to customize to any shape.

A more careful shape might turn up more.

I would think you could take any mug cozy and either increase or decrease depending on whether you start at the bottom or top. I don’t see any patterns either in my quick searches.

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