Ms. Hildegard is relocatededededddd

Hi everyone! After almost a 2 month hiatus, my life is finally in order enough to be an active member here again :cheering: . I’ve had a nagging feeling for a while that I needed to get back to KH. Beinig as I wasn’t here and don’t know what’s going on, i don’t necessarily have an opinion… i just hope that KH continues to be the loving supportive family it’s always been.

Okay, so my life in a nutshell:

My dissertation topic was approved in August, and my committee has been assigned.

XH and I sold the house, and we close this on Wednesday this week. :happydance:

My school assignment was changed: this year I’m teaching elementary music instead of middle school music… and even though i brought it up waaaaaaaaaaay back in June, the big wigs overlooked the fact that i am not qualified/certified to teach elementary school. i brought it up to my principals the first week of school, and i feel kind of like they think this is my fault. It isn’t, and i don’t fee guilty, because the people who needed to know WERE informed, and either they forgot or didn’t follow through. Also, HELLO, the central office HAS MY CERTIFICATION information in my file!!! Anyway, so now it’s all up in the air what I’ll be doing… I’m sure I’ll end up at the high school, which is fine with me. What capacity still is to be decided. The superintendent of human resources said that maybe I could be a TOSA (teacher on special assignment… very prestigious title… kinda) for professional development and curriculum. I thought this was FANTASTIC, because I’ll be able to use all that stuff from my doctorate classes. Anyway, it’s all kind of a clusterf*** right now, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

I have a job interview this wednesday for the position of Curriculum Developer at Wheeling Jesuit University, in Wheeling, WVA… and YES it’s only 3 hours from my mom!!! If i get the job, I’ll be working on a team of developers that write textbooks, design webpages, generate multimedia delivery systems and create games that comply with state and national standards: they’re looking at doing math and science first, and then other content areas. i am sooooo excited… but I’m trying not to work myself up. yeah right!

My car finally died, so I bought a new one: a metallic celery green ford focus.

I’ve met several really nice men on, eharmony and … one in particular i really liked, but then he sarted with the "i love you"s and the "you’re so beautiful"s and the "you’re an angel from heave"s and "how did i get so lucky"s and all that crap… which is nice but i don’t need a guy up my *** like that so soon after the divorce. so I told him that even though i really like him, i needed a bit more personal space… we haven’t talked much since then. :shrug:
My friend Chris is a great guy to go out with… we hit a place generally 1 or 2 nights a week, and we’re each other’s “wingman” … so far it’s worked out pretty good for me, but no so much for him, LOL.

uhm… i think that’s it!!!

I’m glad to be back, and thank you to the friends who have been checking up on me :hug:

I need to add some pictures, I guess. I did get a new digi cam–a pink sony cybershot-- and it ROCKS! I jut doan’t have a lot of pics that aren’t of the cats… an we all know we’ve seen enough of them!!

ANDDDD I forgot to mention, that I am LEGALLY back to my maiden name! the sad part is that i can’t say Miz Coss iz Boss anymore… and nothing rhymes with “Phillips”

Yay! Welcome back, Hildie!

Hildie’s back!cloud9

:waving: Hi, Hildie!

I’m sure we can come up with something that rhymes with Phillips…

Hi Hildie :waving: Glad to see you back!!:muah:

:hug::hug::hug::hug: hilders!!! :hug::hug::hug::hug:

you’re still boss!!! :heart:



Hi Hildie! We missed you so much! -:grphug:

I’m glad you’re feeling better and that your life is getting sorted out. Not going into the woods with blind dates I hope? :teehee: Hopefully you’ll hear soon about the new job or what is going to happen with the one you have.

I am sooooo glad to see you back! I missed you bunches too!
Also glad to hear things are getting sorted out for you.
How about this line: “With Miz Phillips you won’t get screwed like a flathead” ??? huh? Huh? whatdya think!!! dh prefers phillips over regular screwdrivers…i’m such a dork…:oops:
Well, back to working on the bottle snuggly for my neice to be…Sound of Music on the dvd baybee! "I have confidence in confidence aloooooonnnnnneee…!!! " :lol:


Hey Hildie!!!

WB!! :smiley: It’s good to hear your life is getting to that good place :smiley:


Glad to see you back!

Welcome back! I was wondering where you were. I’m glad to hear that things are going well. All the best with your job interview.


Binky! :chair::chair:

HILDIE IS BACK :cheering::cheering::cheering::woohoo::hug:

Umm yeah… Good to see you 'round these parts :thumbsup:

:muah:Good to see you back!

:cheering::cheering:Glad to know you are among the living!! I was kinda worried about you since you haven’t been around.

Hope things all go your way this year!!:muah::hug:

So glad you’re back.:hug::hug::heart:

Thank you thank you everyone!!! :grphug: :cheering: :grphug: I’m glad I’m back too. And I feel like I never left, of course; I love KH!!! :heart:

Maybe now I’ll be more motivated to start knitting… have knit at ALL since sometime in August. :hiding:

Stupid Green Bay won and stupid Chicago lost… what a great way to start the season! :!!!:

:waving: Great to see you again, Hilde! Congrats on getting your dissertation topic approved. That’s a big step towards the degree - good for you for sticking with it. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you job situation resolves itself in the manner that is best for you. :heart: