Moving Furniture On Carpet

Does anyone have those furniture sliders that move your heavy furniture “with ease”. As they advertise. :rollseyes: We just bought a new entertainment center last night and have decided to move the living room around, of course, this is after we put the TV in the unit.

We’re not all that bright sometimes. :roflhard: :roflhard:

Anyway, I’m looking on QVC’s site and the testimonials say they work great, [B][U][I]BUT I need to know if they work on carpet[/I][/U][/B]. Not hardwood floors. Plus, I’d rather get them today and not have to wait 2 weeks to have them shipped.

Thanks for any help!

I don’t know about those, but we bought these wheely things at Lowes (or was it Home Depot?) that are designed for moving furniture that work fantastic. It’s just basically wood nailed together in a square with carpet stapled around so that it doesn’t scratch and it has wheels and it low to the ground. You just pick up one half of the item and slide it under and then pick up the other half and slide another one under and whatever you want to move (couch, dresser, tv unit) moves easily. We use them all the time when I want things moved around and our friends are always asking to borrow them. They work great on carpet.

Thanks for replying, but do you know what they are actually called?? I don’t know if Home Depot will know what I’m talking about if I call and ask for Wheely things. :roflhard: And they really work on carpet??

My mom says they work well.

I know she got them at some store…perhaps walmart? Some malls have an “As seen on t.v.” store.

I have the Sliders and they work great. They have one side for hard floors and the other sides works wonderful for carpet. I got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond.

we have some, also from Bed Bath and Beyond (or, as we call it, Big Bad Behind). They work very well on carpet, once you get the darned furniture ON them. We had to move a LARGE armoire and most of the battle was lifting it up enough to get the sliders in the right places without getting a hernia.

Good luck!

I usually just duct tape a cat under each leg of the piece of furniture. Works great on carpet or bare floors.

You can get those same sliders at Lowe’s, as well as probably any home improvement store. I think they work on carpet, but I’m not certain. Any of those cuties who work there could tell you whether they do, then you could return them if they don’t. :wink:

We’ve used them on carpet, and they work really well. I’m not sure what brand or where my dad bought them, but they also came with a little lever thing that you put under a corner, and then stand on in order to lift the piece of furniture high enough.

Thanks everyone! I called home depot and he suggested Magic Sliders. I then went to Target, as it’s closer than home depot, and they had some, but I bought the smaller ones. They were $6.50!! But well worth not having to lug the tv out again.

I should have bought the biggest ones, (but they were $20 :shock:) but the small ones worked fine.

Thank you so much for your help!!

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