Movies to watch while knitting

Apologies if something like this has already been posted. :oops:

Ok since my satellite service is getting cut off on Aug 1 (really, I meant to do that :oops: ), I have a need to flesh out my Netflix queue.

Is anyone else on Netflix (I’ve seen it mentioned a few times in various threads) ? Love the Netflix!! I haven’t tried it yet, but I know that “friends” can make recommendations for each other’s accounts. If anyone is interested in that, let me know!

If you’re not on Netflix, just post some recommendations. Netflix has EVERYTHING, so I’m sure I’ll find it. :heart: My dad found the movie that he and my mom saw on their first date, so he signed up! :heart: Isn’t that sweet?

[color=blue][size=6]PLEASE HELP! Don’t let my :XX: suffer b/c I don’t have anything to watch on tv!!![/size][/color]


The Princess Bride.

I love Netflix. I used to have an account with a S.F. based online rental company that actually made contributions back to the independent movie maker’s union. Unfortunately, the major motion picture movies they had available was extremely limited, thus I switched back to Netflix ( I quit them when they tried to raise their fees).

I usually knit when I’m watching a comedy, like Miss Congeniality, or Meet the Fockers.

Happy kniting! :XX:

i don’t have netflix, but i love the movie Out of Arica

Fried green tomatoes…
(Ahpu’s wife from the Simpson’s said it was her favorite book, movie and food) I saw it for the 1st time a couple of months ago and I knitted my french market bag (well, not the whole thing but some…)
Out of Africa too though, that is one of my top 3 movies.

ooo, ooo, fgt… love that one!
and Somewhere in Time, christopher reeve…prrrrr

“You’ve Got Mail”

The Butterfly Effect–Don’t be turned off by Ashton Kutchner in this movie. He’s actually good in it.

Dragonfly-Kevin Costner

Pirates of the Caribbean–gotta love Johnny

I just watched an Evening with Kevin Smith the past two nights whilst knitting. Good because you can get away with just looking at your knitting instead of the TV because he just talks. Hilarious stuff though.

Sounds like you and I love the same movies. I’ve got “[size=6]Somewhere in [/size][size=6]time[/size]” tivo’d :thumbsup: I won’t erase it. Yes, Chris was just adorable pining for Jane that whole time. Another Chris I like is [color=red]Christopher Walken[/color] in the [size=6]Dead Zone [/size]and the[size=6] Deer Hunter[/size] (before he turned rotten… I still love 'em though) his smile just melts me in those movies :inlove: as well as [color=darkblue]John Travolta[/color]'s smile in the wading pool in [size=6]Grease[/size]. Oooh lordy, takes my breath away :blush:

Johhnnnnnn Trrrraaaavvvoooollllttaaaa… :inlove:
Oh, and Kate & Leopold, and Someone Like You… of course my FAVE man Hugh!
Kevin Smith is groovy too!
I think Somewhere in Time is the first movie I cried like an idiot for when I was a teen…
SciFi movies are cool too, but dh HAS to watch them in the dark, so out comes the booklight…so, Star Wars…you don’t have to “watch” and can listen right along and not miss anything.

p.s. Uncle Buck was just on whilst I loaded the dish washy… seen it a dozen times, but this line just caught my ear “I didn’t know cheerleaders lived in the woods?” :roflhard:

One of my all time faves is Dirty Dancing. I still swoon over Patrick Swayze (showing my age, I guess). The music is great in it, if you like oldies. My 21yod and I love to watch it together, and our favorite line is…

NOBODY puts Baby in a corner! :fingerwag:


Although i usually catch up on my Tivo’ed Paula Deen Cooking Shows while I knit, Movies are great too! I just watched Green Mansions with Audrey Hepburn yesterday. Sweet November is a good one too, also see if NetFlix has tv shows…I used to cross stich watching Dawsons creek!
My husband made me watch the Godfather movies and I crocheted my son a blanket!

My various choices off the top of my head … Finding Nemo, Aliens, AvP, Tremors, … I could go on forever 'cause basically … I’ll knit to almost any movie. But my word of advise on the subject though … I don’t knit anything too challenging, that way, I don’t get flustered if/when I mess up. :lol: So choose something easy enough to split your attention, but not so easy that you get bored with your knitting and watch the movie alone… :rofling:

“Frankenstein doesn’t scare me…marsupials do…cuz they’re fast”

(please someone tell me they get this :pray: )

Great suggestions everyone. I think Princess Bride might be my favorite movie of all time. I may have to add it to the ol’ netflix list for old times sake.

I just watched Kill Bill vol. 1, and vol 2 will be coming shortly (I have the 1 at a time, unlimited level of service, the cheapest). While I’m waiting for that, I’ll have to take a peak into the dvd closet to see what we have. I think mostly we have Indiana Jones movies, Finding Nemo, and some yoga dvds. hmmm… :thinking:

Oh, wait, I’ve got to add another favorite for others looking for ideas: Smoke Signals, a great little Indie film (my favorite kind).

That is the one thing I’m going to miss most about not having satellite/cable - Food Network! I wish Paula Dean was my aunt or something! And Tyler, what a cutie :inlove: And yes, I do have a geek crush on Alton Brown :blush: the man knows everything! I :heart: a man that cooks, which is why I just swoon over my DH.

I’ve put Scrubs, Arrested Development and Sex and the City on my Netflix list. I’ll probably put Buffy on too.


“Frankenstein doesn’t scare me…marsupials do…cuz they’re fast”

(please someone tell me they get this :pray: )[/quote]

Umm… :??

I like to knit to Musicals because, 1) I love musicals, and 2) they dont usually have alot of special effects that you would miss seeing. Well, Chicago has GREAT costumes, but I’ve watched it so many times that I can picture what’s going on while Im singing…um, I mean KNITTING.

How 'bout Spiderman…
My daughter found this '“dancing” spiderman somewhere for me. Isn’t he hilarious :roflhard: !
I can’t stop watching him go. He’s really working it!