Movie: please help me jog my memory - got it!

I remember watching a movie a few months ago on AMC, I think it was. I’m pretty sure it was from the early 60s or late 50s. Anyway, I don’t remember who was in it except that there was an englishman and a pretty lady. Anyway, the man tricks the woman into going abroad with him so that he can make another powerful man think that she looks just like his deceased wife whom he had previously had a statue bust made out of. Anyway, somewhere in the movie the two people steal the statue bust by bending the wire around it and the lady slipping in to get it, and they end up breaking it, the alarms go off. The powerful dude notices, and takes a look at the “original” in the wall behind a secret door to make sure THAT one wasn’t touched. And sooo…

In the very end, the others go to the guy who made it in the first place who made MANY statue repeats and placed them in a cupboard.

I am not very good with remembering details, but I do remember the lady not wanting to go through with it and threatening to leave several times.

Does anyone remember a movie like this? I think it was made in the early 60s or late 50s and it’s driving me nuts! I remember recognizing the guy and then remembering him in ANOTHER more recent movie which I can’t recall now, thinking “wow he was handsome when he was younger”. But i cannot remember that guys name. He’s blonde-ish.

thanks for any future help. I hate not being able to remember this kind of stuff! I want to add this movie to my fav movie list.

Oh yea, I remember looking the movie up later and finding out that the lady was well known and that she insisted on the guy opposite of her being in the role because she had seen his talent elsewhere…oh if only I knew one name!

It’s also pretty much a comedy/drama/romance.

Nevermind…I found it! It’s called “Gambit”… and it’s from 66! (my memory must’ve really gone on that one!)

The whole reason I was annoyed by this is that I saw a commercial with Michael cain on it, and it reminded me of the movie, even though he did not look like the guy in the movie and I was thinking “that’s not him, but I liked that movie”…and I didnt remember michael cains name to even look up if it was him. So then I started thinking it was. I looked up english 60s actors, and there was a michael. That name struck a chord so I went with it and added the name to my search. I came up with michael cain, looked him up in the internet movie database and went through the 60s movies and read the plots. Gambit is it. And Shirley Maclaine was the lady (which was another name I was thinking of in the beginning but didnt want to be wrong).

So, thanks all for reading, and nevermind the help! I so determined over here…

And here’s the trailer in case you care to look, press “preview” underneath the gambit picture in the middle.