Movie Phantom of the Opera?

Has anyone fallen in love with this movie like I have? I saw it when it came out a few years ago and thought it was okay. I have recently seen it again and WOW what a wonderful movie!!! I love the love songs and the Phantom…he sure is a handsome one no matter whats under that mask.:inlove::inlove:

Just wondered if there was anyone else here that knows what I’m “talking” about with this movie.:think:

Yes I agree! I really really love that movie!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

[SIZE=1](and yes the phantom is really really really cute:inlove:!!!)[/SIZE]

[FONT=“Verdana”]Oh, yes.
This version’s all right- I’m just glad they didn’t go with a sixty-year old Micheal Crawford.
Emmy Rossum drove me up a wall, but Gerard Butler? I adored him. Good voice, even if he couldn’t quite hit all of those high notes- the fact that he is seriously seriously attractive may have, um, helped my opinion on that. :inlove:
But yeah, it’s a pretty good movie. (If you loved the movie, you’ll love these: Find Phantom of the Opera in Fifteen minutes, and prepare to laugh.
A lot.[/FONT]

My 15-year-old niece and my 9-year-old daughter love this movie! Personally, I don’t care for the movie, but Gerard Butler is dreamy. :slight_smile:

I am a PHANTOM FREAK, I’ve seen the “show” 9 times in four theaters (Broadway, Toronoto, Buffalo and DC). The score is my ALL TIME FAVORITE piece of music.

I saw the movie and loved the music but wasn’t paticularly impressed with the movie itself. But HEY, it’s the PHANTOM so ya GOTTA LOVE IT!!!

Michael Crawford will ALWAYS be [U]THE[/U] Phantom as far as I’m concerned.

Trippy, I was unable to get to the link you posted. Can you try it again?

I saw the play when I lived in Anchorage, Alaska. It was wonderful. I LOVE this movie even better. I Tivo’d the movie last week but today ordered the dvd just in case someone were to delete the movie.:shifty: I’m waiting for the book to come in the mail too. I just received the movie soundtrack too…I’m hooked!!!:heart:

I think he sang beautifully. I like that his voice is rough in spots. I found it all just perfect.:cheering:

I. Love. Gerard. Butler.


My daughter and I rented this movie when it first came out for a girls’ night. It was a little strange to us, at first, but it grew on us. I’ve since given her the movie as a gift. I’ve also purchased several of the tracks for my PDA and converted one of the songs into a ringtone.

I love this movie as well. Gerard Butler AND Patrick Wilson. :inlove::inlove::inlove:

I love the part at the beginning where the air blows and it goes back in time…fantastic effect.

I took my DH to see the performance and he loved it so much he just asked the other day if we could go again. I have made a theater convert!:woohoo:

My sister visited me years ago when we lived in Alaska. My dh surprised us with tickets to see it on stage. It was so good.

But I have to say I LOVE this movie version even more. The music is so beautiful and its such a great love story. It’s my all time “favorite” right now.:inlove:

I think the cinematography was fantastic. Custuming wonderful.

But I could not get past the poor lip syncing (that was not in sync.) Nor was it even convincing. As a musician, that is always a pet peeve of mine - musicians not really playing, singers not really singing.

Other than that, I thought it was great.

Here we go:

You’re right- Gerry is more rocker vibe, which to me is incredibly sexy. I love his Phantom.


As an enthusiastic fan of Phantom of the Opera, I’m afraid that the movie let me down a bit. I wasn’t fond of many of the actors they casted (nor was I fond of their voices!), and I just thought that the play didn’t translate wonderfully to screen (plays rarely do).

:note: Even so, I do keep the movie around every time I need a bit of a Phantom fix that just listening to the CD doesn’t satisfy. :note:


Gee, I loved all the voices of the main characters. Let me see if this will post here for a treat…Turn up your volume nice and LOUD to enjoy every word.

This song was taken OUT of the movie but I still like it even tho it’s NOT his best song. …