"Move the last sts as the 1st st"

What does this mean?

Move the last stitch as the first stitches? Can you link to the pattern or give us a row or two that uses this direction?

I’m knitting a cap and have done 39 rows in various K2P2 and plain K combinations. Now, before going on the the next row and decreasing, the instructions say, Move the last stitches as the first stitch. I don’t understand what they want me to do.

I don’t either. What’s the [I]name[/I] of the pattern?

It’s just a pattern I picked up called Flower Cap. I’ve done 41 rows of the pattern, now that sentence appears, and then I will begin decreasing. After 9 rows of decreasing, that statement appears again, then 6 final rows of pattern to finish the cap.

What did it tell you to do with the first stitch? “Move the last sts as the 1st st” is exactly as the pattern has it? Is there a note somewhere in the pattern explaining it?

Is thisthe hat? Yes, what did you do with the ‘first stitch’?

“Move the last sts as the 1st st” is exactly what the pattern states. There is no explanation anywhere regarding this. The pattern begins: CO 88 sts, join into circle. Row 1-4: (K2, P2) repeat till the end. Rows 5-6: Knit etc…

No, this is not the pattern. See my other reply for how the pattern begins. Sure hope someone can help.

Can you link to the pattern (if it’s online) or tell us what book it’s in?

That will help us answer your question.


Meanwhile, would it make sense to move your end-of-round marker so that your last stitch is now the first stitch?

I think you need to find out how to contact the designer or pattern company. It really doesn’t make sense as written.

It may be translated from another language however where they mean ‘[I]work[/I]’, not move. ‘Work last stitches as the first stitches’ makes more sense. It could mean to go back to k2 p2 as you did on the first 4 rows. If there’s a picture in the pattern, take a look at that to see if it helps.

Are you knitting in the round on dpn? If so it might just be that by moving your first/last stitch over to the next needle you avoid a ladder? In k2, p2, moving 2 sts would keep knits or purls together. With nothing to indicate otherwise, I guess I assumed this is a flat knit.

Thanks for everyone’s help on this. I think I might just ignore this reference and continue and see what happens. Hope I don’t mess the whole thing up now. I always seem to end up with patterns with obscure instructions somehow.:eyes:

Well this one is a strange one indeed. Yes, go on with the decreases and let us know how it works out. They’re usually more straightforward than this one. We’d definitely love to see a photo of the finished hat!