Mountain Ash shawl

Here is a shawl that I recently finished. The design is by Kate Gagnon. I used Berocco Ultra Alpaca in winter white. Because I used worsted weight yarn (the pattern called for DK), I used size 7 needles and stopped the garter body early. The final size after blocking was about 72" x 26", I think. I finished the shawl just before I took a spill on my bike (hence the cast)!

I really like your shawl–the white goes so well with everything, and the pattern is lovely while still being very subtle.

Sorry to hear about the bike spill, though! OUCH!! How have you been able to knit since then? Or have you? A speedy recovery to you!

Shawl looks wonderful and warm. The pattern is beautifully done and the white is elegant. Love it!
I’m sorry to hear about the accident. (It’s interesting that you’ll be waiting to see how quickly your bones “knit” too.) Hope you’re out of the cast soon!

That is so beautiful!!! I have been looking for a nice shawl pattern, I think I may have found it.:wink:

I know exactly the predicament you are in. Can you knit with your cast on? How long do you have to have it on?
I cracked my elbow a year ago, and had to have a cast all the way up to my shoulder. (Not fun when you have really long arms.) Even after it was healed, I still had trouble. Then I, ahem, hurt it again, in October, and couldn’t do ANYTHING. :frowning: I would knit as much as I could, but bending my arm made it fall asleep. I ended up having to have surgery in Feb, and now it is almost completely back to normal!!
I’ll be thinking of you!!! :slight_smile:

I can’t even imagine being in a cast that goes all the way to the shoulder! I’m glad to hear that you are all healed now! I haven’t tried to knit with the cast yet. The cast will come off in two weeks, and my wrist will be re-x-rayed at that point.

Oh, ouch, sorry to hear of your accident! May you heal quickly!

I love the shawl you made though… I find the contrast between plain garter stitch and the lacey edging very appealing. Congrats!

I think was the hardest part was not being able to knit or sew or bake or cook. (My favorite things!!) I hope you’re better soon!!!

That is beautiful!!!


Your shawl is very classy. :heart:

It is just gorgeous and doesn’t even clash with the cast! :wink: Hope you arm is feeling better.

Lovely shawl and it doesn’t clash with your cast! That’s one “fashion accessory” you’ll be glad to lose! Remember not to use ibuprofen and heal quickly!

ETA LOL nonny2t, I saw your post after I’d done mine.

That’s a great shawl! Hope you get better soon.

Very beautiful! I’m a fan of white and all shades of white! You did a lovely job!