Motivation advice needed


You could be living in a van down by the river?

Sorry, I didn’t read thru this thread, it was just my need to make some smart a$$ comment that took over


LilHuskies, you’re right. One step at a time is the way to go; trying to change an entire life all at once is impossible. Did you get your husband in to the cardiologist? I hope things are going better.

Ladytruckdriver, your mention of walking in parks really hit home with me. Sometimes while driving, I realize how appealing it could be to just turn the wheel and slam into a solid object. I drive instead to a nearby park I’ve known well for over thirty years, and it feels like, I don’t know…it feels like it’s where I need to be at that moment. Thank you for your recommendation of Sterling State Park. I looked it up on the DNR website and it looks beautiful! No wonder you’ve found peace there.

JessicaR, thank you for your reality check. It’s true that I have both challenges and unlooked-for gifts for which to be grateful. I can use both to grow.


Denise, it is wonderful to hear that even though things are still tough you are making progress.
Little steps. :slight_smile:

Im always amazed at how loving and sympathetic people on these boards are. I would like to add my thanks for not only being helpful but for also providing a space were we talk when we need to .


I don’t have any suggestions to add here. The ones given are good, especially walking the trails at the park (or just exercising in general). “Michigan” and “Sterling State Park” caught my eye here. I’m very close to SSP, as I live in southern MI! If you’re near Toledo, Ohio (which is where I am), Wildwood Park in Toledo is absolutely GORGEOUS! In fact, I just took an hour-long walk there on Friday night.

If you need an ear, I’m here.


[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]For me, creative expression has always helped me to lift my head up and get on with life… whether that’s pasting some pictures into a collage or painting or cutting with scissors… It’s accomplishing something that makes you feel good about yourself and it doesn’t have to be much for a start to get the ball rolling.
Knitting is doing it for me right now but before I used to do quilts with fabric bits, or paint with acrylics… - especially when you forget to follow the pattern and just go with your own ideas.
No one else has to see them. You aren’t doing it for anyone but yourself.
If you don’t feel like talking about it any more - try expressing it in ‘art’… write poetry for instance…
Poetry is a great way to express how you are feeling. You aren’t writing the stuff down to show anyone - or you could - that is up to you… but the main thing is to get it all out. It’s amazing how much better that can make a person feel.
Just getting outside is another great emotion lifter.
My Mama used to say - ‘go hug a tree’. I don’t suppose she meant I should hug a bunch of trees - she meant to feel the trees - their strength, their longevity… and a walk in the woods couldn’t hurt.
Don’t worry about what others think… listen to your own spirit - you may have been neglecting it lately and because of that - the body soon follows suit. It become sickly and tired… not a fun thing at all.
TEMA :hug: [/COLOR]


Have you considered getting a life coach? On another board I visit, one of the life coaches there recommended someone trained by this group: There’s a Find-a-Coach link at the very top of the page.


I have had to fight depression for years. Something that my Dr. keeps an eye on is my Vit. D level. There is a link between your Vit. D levels and depression. Low D levels can equal depression.

You have gotten lots of really good advise, the one thing I would add is to have your Doc check your D levels.

Good Luck.



Almost ten years later, folks, and I still struggle…but I am still trying because of the words you wrote. I have returned to this thread so many times over the years, and am so grateful to each of you. Thank you for your kindness, your experience, and your wisdom.


Hi Denise brfore i retired i was a therapist and i am so happy to see how many people gave some great advice. I would definitely consider think about how other have dealt with their issues and find thr best one thst works for you. Take one day at a time and the sun will slowly begin to shine. Like everyone said work on one issue at a time and dont get deprrssed if it doesnt work the first time. Also remember there is always someone worse off then you. I myself have been through hell health wise for the past 3 years and fight depression everyday. So hang on there are better days coming.


Me, too, Denise…ill since 1980, diagnosed myself in 1994 and at this time I’m stable…doesn’t mean I’m 100% but I’ve done all that I can do to set up and stabilize my support groups/systems.

Don’t be afraid to tell the doc all your intimate goings on…it’s not unusual to change the med cocktail, too. Some folks suffer more when the days get shorter thus producing less natural light.

If it were me, I’d scoot right to the doc’s now and get the meds cocktail adjusted…up…or add a new med, Remember that depression is a medical illness…fully treatable, too. One can always adjust meds back, too…with the doc’s approval.

In the meantime, I feel better when my hands are busy or when I’m up and moving…not perfect, necessarily, but better. I’ve heard depression feeds on lethargy, so don’t couch potato…my exception is to knit or crochet when I’m on the couch (recliner). If I’m way depressed, I don’t knit or crochet or at least not complicated patterns.

So, knit, crochet…any handiwork, and to give items away this Holiday season. It makes me feel better to give and see the smile on the recipients face.

Remember to breathe, too. The brain thrives on oxygen.

I’d say let yourself cry, too. I find I can’t cry when depressed…maybe I’m fighting it, dunno. But keep it in mind; try.

Make a “Dang-it doll” (soft cloth-like; google the pattern). Take it by the legs and bang it on something…saying “Dang it, dang it, dang it!” You can’t do this and not smile. ((@@,./’;,./’;

*See the doc again PDQ,
*Request a med adjustment. Perhaps ‘insist.’
*Get muscle moovin’ as best you can.
*Create and give…even donate.
*Dang=it doll.

Much luck.