Mother's Day gifts?

Did anyone else get some cool knitting stuff for Mother’s Day? I scored big! My goddaughter got me a gift certificate to our heavenly LYS, where I got some of this, and DH got me this and this.

So now I can see what all this EZ buzz is about… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I didn’t… :o

But hope to on Fathers day :slight_smile: :rofling:

BTW I heard some good things about Knitting without tears

I received over 100 dollars in knitting supplies for Mother’s Day from my hubby and daughter.

I also knitted my mother in law a very thick and soft scarf for the brutally cold Kansas winters, which I just experienced for the first time, in January.

You’re all so lucky. My son didn’t know what to buy so I asked for another storage box to hold some of my stash. Maybe I’ll buy myself something for Father’s Day since my DH never wants anything. (He’s so humble.)

Aby, I love the scarf. Pattern??? Michigan has gotta be colder than Kansas.

I honestly didn’t use a pattern. It was the first scarf I ever made… and the last one I’ve actually completed… currently working on a boa yarn scarf for my daughter… I just cast on as many as I thought looked right to me… so use your own discretion for that… same with the length.

Anyway, I used Bernat Softee Baby yarn… the color: White Sparkle 03000 and it took me 2 skeins on size 9 bamboo needles. I used it double strand, for the extra thickness…(also allows it to stand up to cover your nose and mouth when needed) and I used garter stitch all the way, and had I known then, what I know now… I would have slipped the first stitch to give it a nicer edge. BTW, the skeins are large… 5 oz… lots of yarn… so 2 of them allowed the scarf to wrap around a few times… and it was very stretchy.

For the ends I used Patons Cha Cha in the color: Waltz, I used crochet hook size F to do one single row of crochet, to give it an edge, which I found to be redundant, once I added the fringe, since you can’t see it.

For the fringe, I wound a strand of cha cha around my hand 4-5 times, slipped it off, I twisted the center of the strands to keep them together and folded it in half…then I slipped the crochet hook into ever other or every few holes and just slipped the ends back through the loop… like any other simple fringe… it’s tough to do at first, because the strand feels so fat, but once I started twisting the strands together, it went really fast. I liked the very fluffy nature it gave the ends, but I’m sure just a couple of winds would have worked just as well… only a bit more whispy.

oh and the coldest part about Kansas… was the sweeping winds coming over the plains… we were up in Lincoln KS… where there is absolutely nothing but openness… as far as the eye can see.

BTW, that is a 20" monitor it is hanging on… so that should give you a better idea of size.

My ds got me this . Okay, so I can’t knit with it, but relaxing by it after dark each evening, with a nice glass of wine, keeps Mamma happy. :mrgreen:

dang! i want a chimnieanieaninea thing!

ME TOO!!! I guess we’ll have to pop out some little KellyKs and Hildies first. :verysad:

was the sweeping winds coming over the plains…

Hey…I thought that was in Oaklahoma!!! :slight_smile: <bweg> lol…

I didn’t get anything for MD this year from the fam…(they sure did hear about it tho!!!) It was more a let down of expectations than anything else…

Soooo…I got MYSELF after the fact…some yarn for the KA poncho…:slight_smile: and the 356 Knitting calendar!!! YEAHHHH ME!!!

:XX: :XX: :wink: :smiley: Sounds like great mothers’ day for mothers all around
Great haul Julie!!
Aby…beautiful, yummy & warm scarf…especially for your 1st & your design :thumbsup: for u!! i know your MIL loved it!!
rennagalye…i’m in savannah, so it’s way too hot @ nite for the chimney this time of year…but would :heart: it in oct & nov…very cool!!..know u will just love it at nite…sounds very relaxing
Heather I know u will :heart: :heart: your 365 calendar…I use mine a Lot…I’M sure u will, too…it’s full of all sorts of goodies
My darling 80 MIL just got back from Bahamas & saw a bag & told my SIL…I have to get that for rebecca for her knitting for mother’s day and it is very cool…very bahamian…i love it…will work very well for many, many projects, she knows me so well!FYI…my MIL is a dish…u would NEVER know she was 80 by looks or actions! My baby (she’s 20) gave me an absolutely beautiful floral canvas bag (huge) with leather straps (again for knitting) and it was CHOCK FULL of my faves from Bath & Body Works…I couldn’t even lift it bc it was so heavy!!
My sweet, sweet man gave me this manicure/pedicure wax melting spa that I have been wanting forever and movies and a beautiful dress.
I have a family that :heart: :heart: :heart: s me about as much as I do them!! I am the most blessed girl around…But…u know what I really wanted…pool cover :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:
have a :XX: :XY: week one & all
:heart: to u all

…pool cover

well…get knittin missy!!! :heart: :heart: