Mother Marion's Magnificent Spinning Machine

I love this thing! It is so much fun to use! Here are pics of what is currently on the spindle and of my first plyed yarn (about 45 yards).

I left the starter/tester fiber on the spindle to get me started and so I’d have 2 colours for my first time plying. How did I do?

Looks to me like you did fantastic! Now, do it some more :yay:

that’s great!!!

Did you get the burgandy roving from Carol Lee?

The burgundy is by Louet that I got at my LYS. I just googled Carol Lee and I think when I need more I’m going to get it from her. Looks like great prices!

Carol & Carl are great folks to work with! Carol knows how to pack a package tightly to help save on postage. She usually throws in some extra fiber too.
The rovings are very compressed when you get them, so it’s best to fluff them up before spinning them.