Moss Stitch increase and stay in pattern?

Sweater sleeves are done in Moss Stitch pattern (Rows 1 and 2 - K1, P1; Rows 3 and 4 - P1, K1). Problem is how do I increase the two stitches at rows end and stay in pattern? Body of sweater had moss stitch so I know what it should look like, but my sleeves do not look like they should.

Thanks for asking this question. I will be waiting for the answer as well, because my UFO has moss stitch for the sleeves and that is one of the things that stumped me. Good luck and happy knitting!

So glad I am not alone with this quandry. The rest of the sweater came out beautifully. It has alot of cables and is a fairly complicated pattern. Never dreamed the moss stitch increase would be such a problem.

It was for me. I haven’t worked on the sweater in about six years, but I was having that problem and one other, so it sits in a box and waits. I posted a pic of it in General under UFO Man’s Aaron Knit Sweater. Go take a look if you want to…

I got the answer to my question on another Forum (Knitters Review). I posted my query there also as I am totally DESPERATE to finish this sweater! The explanation was wonderfully clear–even to someone like me who doesn’t “see” things easily sometimes. The answer is in the “Stuck on a Pattern” section of Knitter’s Review, and I am KnittingCommuter there also. Basically, you can’t avoid having the two knits and two purls together. That’s what I couldn’t understand. I thought I was missing something. It does work its way out on the next increase. It’s also better to make the increase doing a KFB or PFB instead of the M1 as I was doing. The post by sarakate is well worth reading.

Yes, kfb especially more resembles a k,p combo.

Can you give me a little help in finding the post by sarakate?

Here is the link
This might help you guys out too

The link no longer works. Need to learn how to increase in moss stitch - Irish moss stitch and stay on pattern. Increase is 1 at each end